New Fortnite Chapter 3 Weapons

New Fortnite Chapter 3 Weapons
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite fans have had to wait a long time for the game’s official servers to come back online. Unfortunately, it seems like they’ll continue waiting as today at 10 AM ET is set to release Chapter 1 unless anything delays this process – and so far there are no signs of that happening!

The new map was slowly revealed through an alternate social media campaign by Flipped Games called “Fortnite: Save Our Songs.” We now know every location on this upcoming update with names leaked ahead before its drop date…and let me tell you; these places sound pretty cool!

While we’re all patiently awaiting our chance at playing again in-game soon (or just reading about what happened from teammates), take some comfort knowing your hard work.

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The latest weapons for the new to Fortnite chapter 3 shotguns, a striker pump shotgun and an auto-shotgun. First up is said gun’s description: “This beauty packs quite some punch in its small frame but don’t let that fool you; it does more damage than most other guns at close range.”

Striker Pump Fortnite Shotgun

New Fortnite Chapter 3 Weapons Striker Pump Fortnite Shotgun

The Striker Pump is a new shotgun that will likely be vaulted in chapter 2. This weapon boasts high burst damage and shoots out an endless amount of pellets, making it perfect for close range combat or taking on multiple enemies at once! The description reads “The Strike rPump Shotgun fires blasts so powerful they can penetrate solid objects like walls.”

Auto Shotgun

Fortnite Chapter 3 Weapons Auto Shotgun

This new Auto Shotgun will be one of the most powerful weapons in-game. It has a higher fire rate and reloads two shells at once, making for more rapid damage output than other guns on offer.

We’ve gathered as much leaked info about upcoming Destiny Islands weapons. Now, whether you believe that these leaks are real or fake, we have the data and you can see it for yourself. There are 5 weapons involved in these leaks — 4 Melee weapons and 1 Gun weapon. Each one has a special ability and each one is unique in its own way. These abilities can certainly help you defeat your opponents in battle!