Cryo Genshin Impact Characters: All Cryo Character in the Game

cryo genshin impact characters

Genshin Impact is a game that has just released its newest update, which includes new content for all seven elements. One of these additional character options are the Cryo element with powerful reactions to Electro-Hydro Pyros – making it very versatile and useful in many situations! There currently only four playable characters who use this type of power but look forward too bringing more attention on them moving forwards as well; there’s even rumored potential ones coming down the pipeline soon enough.

Genshin Impact’s Cryo Vision holders are not very diverse when it comes to weapon choice, with two characters using swords and another two having different armaments. At the moment there is no one utilizing a spear or catalyst but fans of this genre will be excited to see new combinations added in future updates for these games by Gaijin Works!

The addition of a Cryo catalyst user would likely be very useful for exploration, as they could freeze and traverse over water much quicker. Beyond these four current characters (and at least two confirmed upcoming ones), there is also the potential for even more with their introduction into various games so far!

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The Calvary Captain of the Knights, Kaeya may be a free character but he’s still one of four player-controllable warriors in Genshin Impact. His utility cannot be denied as his ice elemental skill has a very short cooldown and can apply Cryo status effect which will Freeze enemies for awhile giving your team time to attack or escape from them easier with an Ice Bridge across water should you need it! As more support than damage dealer players might want him on their teams due not only does this extension persist after switching characters so there is potential melt reactions possible between Pyros main DPS Diluc/Klee while using these tactics during boss fights


As an exorcist, Chongyun specializes in dealing with evil spirits. But he’s never actually seen one before because his positive energy is so strong that they flee from him before even arriving! From a gameplay perspective there are two ways you could go about playing as this powerful Cryo claymore user: either use him for your primary DPS role or support abilities to provide buffs and heals while also having access to some great secondary capabilities-most notably being able tio imbue normal attacks will icy damage setting them up quite nicely against groups of enemies at range; but if all else fails just pick up any weapon off the ground (or dead)and fight back by smashing away until death do.


Diona can be a tough customer. She’s not the type for sad stories and she absolutely hates alcohol, but that just makes her all the more compelling as an intriguing character with abilities that set her apart from other people in-game! Diona relies less on using status effects to take out enemies than most characters would – instead relying heavily upon Freeze attacks which apply through contact or by creating ice barriers around herself after taking enough damage (which also heals). Her Cryo Staff isn’t something you’ll want if your party needs extra offense because this bad boy has plenty going its own way too; applying buffs like healing +20% when dealing elemental bursts at low HP levels combined.


Qiqi is a Genshin Impact 5 Star Character Cryo sword user and pharmacist, who helps to set up elemental reactions. She also has the power of markings on players’ minimaps while they are in her party!

Qiqui may not be perfect but she’s unique all around – being both an Adepti magic wielder with powerful heals as well, making for great damage dealing abilities on any battlefields you find yourself fighting on.


Ganyu is an upcoming character expected to be featured in the next promotional banner, and she has been described as having blood of Adepti running through her veins. When added, Ganny will specialize with bow weapons- making this heroine one two bows using Cryo skills alongside Diona! Her elemental skill allows for ice lotus that taunts enemies while dealing AoE damage over time or burst ability which causes shards rain down on your foes causing them even more trouble like other characters before it does so much without losing its offensive capabilities thanks too powerful initial hit from basic attacks..


Ayaka is a powerful new character who can be seen as an addition to Cryo’s Primary DPS role. She has abilities that will help with exploration and the ability, like many of her skillsets do in Genshin Impact: The Lost Children – Chapter 2 anime adaptation for Ultra Anime Games Online (UAGO), seems very intriguing so far!


A new character has been revealed in the Albedo event, and she’s a mysterious one! Rosaria can be seen following both Traveler and his clone around. So far we haven’t heard anything about her weapon yet but leaks indicate that it will either be an ice staff or something like knife with crystals on its blade – whatever this mystery woman wields is sure to make things interesting when paired up with other players who already have their favorite weapons out ready for battle.

A fan-favorite from Days Gone Bye finally made her return at Friday Night Fights after several weeks away tailing our newest JC2 characters throughout Los Angeles… Barely concealed beneath an elegant veil covering most of face aside two bright green eyes visible peering through hazy white.

Cryo Traveler

The Traveler will eventually gain access to Cryo skills after players finally venture into the land of Snezhnaya. According to Genshin Impact chapter preview, this is a last region for adding in-game content and it could be awhile until we get there since they’re planning on doing six final story chapters with advanced challenges such as enemy types not found anywhere else other than here – including an archon known as The Tsaritsa who may refuse these abilities if given them by another party member or herself.”