Fortnite Chapter 3 Umbrella Glider Leaked

Fortnite Chapter 3 Umbrella Glider
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Data-miners have leaked information regarding the Fortnite servers being back online at 10 AM EST. However, there has been no word from Epic Games with regards to when chapter 3 will begin so we’ll just have wait and see if that time correlates to what they say comes out of beta on their end soon enough!

A few hours ago console users received an update which started off by pushing 19th October PC version updates for both steam players as well as non-steam ones such was done about 1 hour ago now into early morning here where our office resides in California USA (EDT).

The list of cosmetics and weapons coming to the game has been leaked by data miners. Along with these new items, we have an umbrella glider that was first seen in a video posted online last week!

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Season 1 Fortnite Chapter 3 Umbrella

For each season, players can earn a free glider by winning an Elimination game. However it does not count in certain modes like imposters or team rumble so you’ll need to win with either Solo Mode OR Duos mode if your looking for some new skins! This seasons umbrella is based off the Foundation which happens to be one of those cool challenge types from last year – plus there are 2 additional styles available now too- check out what they look like below:

Fortnite Chapter 3 Umbrella Glider

The first few games of a season are the best chance for players to get their hands on an important weapon, and that includes wining with umbrellas. In order not miss out on this opportunity some people will be doing anything in their power so they don’t have go back later when it might be too late! There’s no way around playing each game as soon as possible – sometimes you just need those early advantages more than ever because things can change quickly without warning during competitive playtime.