Halo Infinite Skull Locations Complete Guide

halo infinite skull locations

Want to know where you can find the Halo Infinite skulls? As long-time fans of this series know, each campaign has had its own special pain in finding these so called “skulls.” To date there is no way for people who are playing through every mission on a specific level or throughout an entire game without starting over again once they’ve missed one.

It seems that all hope isn’t lost however; some missions have hidden objects within them containing unusual items which may come into play during gameplay should players find and equip themselves with what would otherwise be considered rare gear pieces at best—such as doubling explosion radius size when used by any player wearing said mod.

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This article details the locations of all four skulls in Halo Infinite. These unlockables allow you to change up your game experience and give it unique challenges, so knowing where these are located beforehand can be helpful!

Since each level has a different campaign length (depending on how long gamers want them), players should probably begin by collecting their first skull before setting off from any nearby fast travel points or checkpoints since they’ll only get lost once…

Halo Infinite skull locations


Location – Warship Gbraakon (missable)

The first UNSC Audio Log lies in a room with green pads. After finding it, you’ll see large piles of containers rising towards the ceiling on your right-hand side – use these stacked up boxes for height as they rise above them to reach top level! The skull is sitting atop one such pile; grab onto its jawbone and climb aboard before making Jump back down again (watch out for Carolina)!


Location – The Foundation (missable)

After the Weapon is taken, head into a room with ghosts and continue forward until you find one that has an opening onto another area. Turn left from here to see where it’s located in relation to yourself on-screen; if there are no obstacles blocking your view then go ahead and use scan button (or tap) for guidance accordingly . You’ll have found this part easy so far! Now all we need are those pillars…


Location – The Tower
Nearest fast travel location – The Tower

The GrappleShot is an upgrade for your standard plasma rifle that will let you scale upward walls with ease. The Quickshot perk must be upgraded in order to access this ability, and it costs three Halo Infinite Spartan Cores per shot at current prices on M Herbert’s Marketplasma nests within Warzone Arena mode alone! Once installed onto any other weapon type (such as assault rifles) players can use their enhanced grappling abilities by returning fire from ground level while standing close enough against obstacles like pillars or doors.

From this point, you need to get on top of the roof. This is harder than it sounds as there may be back-to-back walls that obstruct your progress and stop firing a GrappleShoot before grappling onto them with enough time for an attempt at getting over these obstacles; but when they’re defeated – which takes some patience in order execute well–you’ll easily find yourself flinging across one large ceiling space into another area where new challenges await! Head toward central platform from last skull’s location while avoiding debris or spikes below…


Location – inside a tree stump at the bottom of the ravine west of Inka ‘Saham FVT marker on the northwest

If you want to find the skull in this area, then a banshee or wasp is required for flight. Fly over towards the northwest part on island and hug its coastline until there’s a split-in cliff near by; beware! There will be several Brutes with shock rifles nearby–defeat them all while examining their dead bodies if possible (and examine any trees stump they might have been hiding behind). Once done doing so, look around at where these creatures died – maybe something interesting awaits us amongstst those branches just waiting patiently overhead…


Location – inside the cliffs west of FOB Alpha
Nearest fast travel location – FOB Alpha

The skull is located on a small, square platform in the center of an otherwise hexagonal cliff. To find it you’ll need either your Banshee or Wasp suit from Oryx’s Barber Shop next door at The Outpost (a part storage area). Fly up towards where there are mountains until just before they meet with another set; then turn left so that flies over this gap instead-the one halfway between them will lead straight down into some Elite helmets! Next to these remains lies what looks like every Dispatch gone wrong: A tiny white goat ridden by nothing but dark shadows…


Location – underneath a small piece of land in a gap between the cliffs in the southwest region
Nearest fast travel location – FOB Golf

If you want to find this skull, first fly southwest until there’s a gap in the cliffs. There are two islands here – one with an opening where they meet each other and another smaller landmass west of that location which is just large enough for us Banshees/ Wasps (or our small flyer) to get through unnoticed. You’ll have found your hiding spot once underneath it; head over toward those rocks at back- see if anything looks shiny…


Location – on a small island east of the Beacon furthest east, next to a dead Elite
Nearest fast travel location – FOB November

The Banshee or Wasp is needed to access this area. Fly east of FOB November until you reach a small island, then carefully land and make your way down the cliff until you get into an Elite’s arms with their skull in tow – if not careful about losing flying vehicles when landing there are spares at top mountain near by


Location – between the southern island and the island with the Banished AA guns
Nearest landmark – Northern sequence Beacon

To reach this area, you need a Banshee or Wasp. Fly west from the beacon and look between two islands for an island with one large column sticking up on it; that’s where we’ll find our treasure chest! Landing here can be tricky so make sure your Grappleshot is ready just in case before landing carefully yourself.

Black eye

Location – in a cave on the southern island
Nearest fast travel location – The Riven Gate

You’ll need an upgraded grapple shot and a flying vehicle to access this area. Search for the waterfall southwest of Riven Gate, then look around until you find stairs leading up into some ruins with enemies inside! Get out your gun(melee is also good)to take them on in close quarters combat before making use either their skull or any other prizes left behind by these ancient beings – there’s plenty here so don’t forget about treasure chests too (they contain Adhesive Bandages).


Location – The Command Spire (missable)

At this point you should start seeing a few columns forming out of yellow portals. Continue until they turn right after getting etched; just before then, grapple onto them and use your Grapple throughout the next part to get higher up so that when we reach an area with no more ceilings or floors nearby.


Location – Repository (missable)

To get this skull, you need to do the following after reaching a chamber with four doors.
After activating your light bridge and heading towards one of them without any bridges leading away from it in front or behind you, grapple across on top of its door before picking up some power seeds around there then head back for more if needed so they’re not all gone! Return once again where we started off at by throwing these onto platforms next left-right separated only by pits filled either way but make sure none fall into either because as soonaswe dropour current loadout will regenerate where everit lands instead.

After making it across, proceed through the door until you find a place to install power cell. Continue with level until Weapon points out auditorium where Master Chief is located. There’s an opening near top that needs unlocking by grappeling up and killing two Elites before claiming their skulls for treasures inside.


Location – The Silent Auditorium (missable)

By now you should know that this is a really difficult level. The first batch of Sentinels won’t appear until much later in the game, but I’m sure by following my guide and playing through without killing any yet-you’ll eventually get lucky with how things go! If it doesn’t happen on your own two feet then try restarting from where ever when there’s no more lights left active after going through those doors at all costs; because if they ARE locked behind an obstacle like before – well tough luck kiddo… You got NOTHING Without Our Help!!!

Halo Infinite has a lot of different things to offer and we’ve detailed them all in our guide. We even have some strategies for how you can get better at the game, including best gun picks and ranked mode tips! So check out this article today if your interested – there’s plenty inside waiting just what YOU’RE looking for (even though I don’t know about anyone else but me would rather be playing).