Fortnite Patch Notes19.01 Reveal Including Gold Spider Man

In Fortnite, there are always new challenges and adventures waiting for players. The developers have prepared a small number of cosmetic weapon fixes in the 19th patch notes which apply only to Chapter 3’s weapons; these adjustments should help alleviate any problems with those items while also making sure they’re as fun (and flashy) as possible! There is another group added into this season too-Super Level Style skins inspired by our latest updates on how Epic Games plans expand their wardrobe beyond just battle royales: “enlightened” styles will be available later today at launch time so no need worry about saving up illium crystals anymore.

Fortnite 19.01 patch notes – weapon fixes

This first patch is a small one and it addresses just few issues lingering from last week’s hotfix–though that was because of all the balancing done in preparation for this new season. Here are some updates you’ll find fixed!

  1. Stinger SMG: The Stinger SMG now updates sooner in its reload animation.
  2. Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper: Updates sooner in its reload animation.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 Super Level Styles

The newest update to the game includes some exciting new content, including this season’s Super Level Styles. Unlocking them is only the beginning for many players as additional outfits are available up through level 140 and then even more await you on your journey towards 200!

This season, Marvel’s Super Level Styles come in three varieties: Photo Negative style is clearly inspired by Spiderman and he can wear this exclusive item. Along with him you will also earn new styles for other characters such as Captain America or The Hulk who are among many superheroes featured within these epic limits!

  1. Shanta
  2. Ronin
  3. Lt. John Llama
  4. Harlowe