Re Zero Characters Ages, Heights, & Birthdays

Re Zero Characters

Re:ZERO is one of those anime that has everyone talking. With its originality and intriguing story, this series definitely stands out from the rest with beautifully crafted characters to keep you invested in what will happen next! I am not done yet though because while Re: Zero may be fresh new material for some viewers (and still great if they’ve already seen it), others have been enjoying this classic almost since it began back in 2006 – don’t miss your chance at experiencing something truly special when these shorts are released on blu-ray later this year

With more than a thousand pages of content, Re:ZERO is fortunate to have an abundance for those who want explore its rich world. There are novels that span multiple volumes while still being accessible in one sitting; anime episodes with high quality graphics and sound effects as well as short stories available online or through other media formats such like light novel anthologies which can be read on your phone while traveling alone at night without fear!

10. Natsuki Subaru

  • Age: 17 (Arc 1-4) / 18 (Arc 5+)
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Birthday: April 1

Subaru is not your typical anime protagonist. He’s not particularly strong, either physically or emotionally- but what he lacks in strength, Subaru more than makes up for with determination! His behavior can be a little rash at times though.. so the author chose April Fool’s day as his birthday to show just how far they’ll go when pushed too far? Many find this charming trait intimidating while others enjoy its intimidation factor noting it might have something do their eyes which are pitch black and pools within them like an abyss waiting patiently for those who dare enter; Emilia herself falls into both categories: intimidated by him one moment then attracted.

9. Emilia

  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 5’4½”
  • Birthday: September 23

Emilia is the Half Elf that many have come to know. She has purple eyes and long silver hair, which often puts her in a position of being overlooked by others despite how important she really may be to the main narrative. As well as being one character among so many in these novels about Lugnica’s royalty – Emilia also happens carry some serious power with herself due not only from being contracted with spirits but also because she can cast spells proficiently enough without any training whatsoever!

8. Puck

  • Age: 420 (Arc 1-4) / 421 (Arc 5+)
  • Height: 0’3½”
  • Birthday: Unknown

Puck is a high-tier magical user and was contracted with Emilia for most of the first four arcs. Such is his bond, he would sacrifice everything on her behalf even if it meant destroying every last shreds in sight; however at some point after being forced into severing their contract due to an unknown seal placed upon him that blocked all memories about himself as well as any knowledge concerning why they were originally made this way – He transforms back into just being house cat form but requires enough mana before changing shape again: 65 feet tall beast known as “The Beast Of The End.”

7. Ram

  • Age: 17 (Arc 2) / 18 (Arc 3-4) / 19 (Arc 5+)
  • Height: 5’1″
  • Birthday: February 2

Ram is the shy, reserved twin sister of Rem. She first appears in Re: Zero’s second arc as a neutral character but aligns herself with Subaru more and more frequently throughout their adventure together to make it through this world alive side by Side.

A pink haired girl with red eyes under her bangs usually seen covered up except for when she needs them during battles where you can see both are present on either side making Ram stand out among all others around here.

6. Rem

  • Age: 17 (Arc 2) / 18 (Arc 3-4) / 19 (Arc 5+)
  • Height: 5′ ½”
  • Birthday: February 2

Rem is the wilder twin sister of Ram, with blue hair and eyes. She’s impulsive but can be kind at times; it just takes more than one bad decision to bring down this passionate girl who loves nothing better than exploring new places or getting lost in books all day long! Her Synestheia ability allows Rem talk through telepathy as well let loose mana so she doesn’t need physical contact for her magic either- sometimes sending things “out there” feels really good anyway…

5. Felt

  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 5’0″
  • Birthday: August 8

It is believed that Felt may be around 15 years old at the beginning of her first arc. Like Emilia, she’s a candidate to become the 42nd King of Lugnica and it seems likely that this girl has been in hiding for most if not all these 14 long years since being kidnapped by Lucifugees or another enemy force from our world who wishes them ill-will themselves with many schemes against families like hers without regard for age whatsoever!

Some have suggested that the mysterious woman is actually Emilia, but it’s not yet confirmed. When she first appeared insecurities got under people’s skin until they realized what a good fighter and friend she really was to everyone at camp. She even fought alongside our heroes during their battle against Elsa who turned out to be one of Arc Two’s main antagonists!

4. Garfiel Tinsel

  • Age: 14 (Arc 4) / 15 (Arc 5+)
  • Height: Unknown
  • Birthday: October 12

Garfiel is one of the more complex characters in Re:Zero and serves as both an antagonist, but also protagonist at various points during story. As his appearance suggests because he gets so much power from being half human (Demi-Human), this explains Garifels immense physical strength which could easily carry him around when Subaru was too tired or weak . That said though; despite having such great potentials for growth there are still some downsides to these circumstances like how short they make you feel compared with other people your age who aren’t near giants by any means.

Having spent almost all of his life in Sanctuary, he harbors a debilitating fear of the outside world. This has improved somewhat as time went by and when Garfiel saw himself die at infancy because he couldn’t bear what was happening to them during their trials with cowards like Himself for not being strong enough; even though that scar on your face will always remind you who did this .

3. Roswaal L Mathers

  • Age: 29 (Arc 4) / 30 (Arc 5+)
  • Height: 6’1″
  • Birthday: September 16

Roswaal is a complex and intriguing character. His body may appear to be that of 29 year old man, but inside there’s over 400 years worth of history! I can’t say much without giving too much away- you’ll just have to read the story for yourself 😉

The protagonist is a talented wizard who has been possessed by the power of six elements. He’s efficient with all his skills and even cares deeply about Ram, Rem’s mother who was killed in front him when he was just an infant.

2. Beatrice

  • Age: 400+
  • Height: 4’7″
  • Birthday: Unknown

Beatrice is a spirit that was created by the Witch of Greed more than 400 years ago. Despite taking on an 11-year old girl form, Beatrice actually has ties to her original self from when she served as caretaker for Roswaal’s Mansion and it will be revealed in later arcs what this birthday mystery entails!

1. Otto Suwen

  • Age: 20 (Arc 3-4) / 21 (Arc 5+)
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Birthday: March 24

Otto has certainly become one of Subaru’s most loyal friends and supporters. He started as little more than a chauffeur, but eventually became his greatest rival in terms of who was better suited for the protagonist; it is an intense rivalry that nearly costs them both their lives on several occasions throughout this story.

The character development we see from Otto happens later on: though he doesn’t show up all too often (especially compared to other major players like Emilia), there are moments when you realize just how important this humble man really might be afterall!