15 Best GTA 5 Characters in the Campaign

Best GTA 5 Characters

The Grand Theft Auto V campaign is one of the greatest campaigns in video game history. The open world allows players to take an impressive and expansive tour through Los Santos while being given plenty of options for what they want to do next, whether that be going on a scenic hike or engaging with other characters who inhabit this vibrant setting like never before; there’s always something new just around every corner!

We have ranked some favorite side quests from GTA5’s offline version including its story missions as well those pesky radio stations where you can kill aliens for money–who doesn’t love loose change?

Grand Theft Auto V’s fanbase has been migrating to the online mode since its release in 2013, but there are still some die-hard fans that rehash their experience with a different protagonist each time. The game stands out among Grand Theft Auto franchise due to how much care was put into scripting and character development so here we take another look at five characters worth loving!

15. Simeon

Simeon is one of the main characters in GTA V at the start of campaign. In fact, his first mission shows Franklin and Lamar on a repo job for him.

In an encounter with Michael he doesn’t appear again until much later when we see how power has gone to Simeo’s head after being made CEO following Isiah’s death by suicide due to depression over business failures as well as racism against African-Americans who commit crimes such discrimination from people like E

14. Dr. Isiah

Michael De Santa is one of the game’s main characters, though when players are first introduced to him (following his masked debut in the prologue), he’s going through a rough time with personal issues. He sees Dr. Isiah Friedlander which turns out not be such a good idea because it seems like all that therapist does is take what you say and turn it into gold for them… Well at least until later on down the line where we find out how fraudulent this guy really was!

13. Solomon Richards

The city of Los Santos is a parodied version of Hollywood known as Vinewood. The player gets to explore the industry first-hand after meeting with legendary film producer Solomon Richards (Joel Rooks).

It also features Michael de Santa, who helps out in some director issues on his latest film and then jumps into GTA Online for more fun missions across that game’s rendition oFVineWood Hills or “the Valley.”

12. Martin Madrazo

The winner of the “coolest name in GTA” award goes to Martin Madrazo. He is a Mexican drug cartel leader and very rich man who ends up working his way into the campaign after Michael, Franklin tear down his house for Trevor’s sake because he needed more space than what was available at home with other family members around them all day long making themselves heard above everything else (including himself).

Mentioning that like most characters found within this game; His actions make him seem somewhere between corruption but there are still moments where kindness can be seen if you’re lucky enough not just see it unfold before your eyes without any warning or closure whatsoever – which leads us onto our next point…

11. Denise Clinton

Franklin is a protagonist in GTA V who players spend the early moments with him before they meet up with Michael and Trevor. Franklin lives with his tough, but amusing aunt Denise Clinton when she calls out for attention from guests or asks if he can move out of their house often enough! She’s not one to be taken lightly as an exaggeration on what many would call “hard” feminist females that do everything themselves instead of relying too much on men (or anyone).

10. Lazlow Jones

The character of Lazlow Jones has been appearing on the radio for years in various Grand Theft Auto games beginning with GTA III. Based on his real-world writer and producer Jeffrey Crawford “Lazlow”Jones, this DJ also voices himself–and it is worth noting that even while he appears as another person or lives across Los Santos from you there’s always a chance to catch him broadcasting over your favorite wavelength (92 KBPS) bringing back memories younger listeners will not be able put into words themselves yet).

9. Ron Jakowski

Trevor Philips needs people who can keep up with him. He surrounds himself in a crew of strong characters, all unique and memorable for their own reasons: some are professional criminals like Ron Jakowski; others have conspiracies theories running through them like Grand Theft Auto Online’s smuggling partner from Smuggler’s Run update – but they’re all there because it makes sense that someone as powerful and ambitious would need friends just as doggedly determined to live out his legacy.”

8. Jimmy De Santa

As one of Michael’s children, Jimmy is always getting himself into some sort of tricky situation. But at heart he’s just a jokester with an complex relationship to his dad that we only see in GTAV player-character perspectives from time-to -time when they interact.

When it comes down to how their story ends up playing out for each individual choices made throughout the game: forgiving him or not will determine whether you have any contact after peace has been restored within your family tree branch again depending on what ending was chosen by gamers who played through all ten episodes as well!

7. Devin Weston

Devlin Weston is a wealthy man who owns Merryweather Security and has influence in the FIB. In ‘Deathwish’, it’s revealed that he was behind many criminal activities such as illegal arms trade with China or trafficking drugs through Los Angeles International Airport under order from Jorge Mendez(the leader of La Familia Cartel). As one would expect, this profoundly unpleasant character meets his end at our hands when we jump off Cliffsides Sculpture Garden after toppling him onto broken glass below- proving yet again why bullets don’t work on fatty boys like us!

6. Wade Hebert

The funniest character in GTA V (and maybe all of gaming) is a Juggalo. Wade Hebert has tattooed skin and dreadlocked hair, making him stand out from any other person you might meet–not to mention his southern accent that makes everything sound so quaintly hilarious!

Combine those qualities with just how often he ends up getting himself into trouble when not looking out for it? It doesn’t take long before everyone starts laughing at this poor guy who can’t figure anything else out than what’s going on around him: pretty much every situation transpires because he has no idea about them; which also leads me back towards my original point.

5. Lamar Davis

Lamar’s relevance to the GTA campaign is at its most prominent towards the start of this long, varied journey. He was driving with Franklin in that opening repo job and remains a vital part throughout much like they do when it comes time for gang-based activity later on during their adventure together.

In addition fans were reunited with Lamar Davis after he helped complete “Deathwish” ending by providing some interesting if not quite grammar focused language which had them hooked once again!

4. Lester Crest

Lester Crest might be a creepy, sniveling man but he has his morals straight. Michael kept him safe from the FIB and as such, Lester made sure no one knew about how good of an acting job Michael did in order to play dead for them when they needed it most (after all – who wouldn’t want their fake death confirmed?). He is brilliant at computers which allowed him use his talents towards pulling off large-scale heists without ever being seen by any cops on patrol himself!

3. Michael De Santa

The second of the three GTA V protagonists is Michael De Santa. By events in game, he had been put into witness protection and living a wealthy lifestyle among his family before being dragged back into criminal activities that made up for most wanted man-in-game’s story interesting but not unique enough considering many other characters on screen at time playing through those parts themselves or watching them play out as they happened live without control–a lot like what people do with reality TV nowadays!

2. Franklin Clinton

The central character in all of GTA V is Franklin Clinton. He’s the first person we meet, and he has a big role to play throughout our time with him: from being our focal point during three missions that make up most of game-play (especially considering how integral they are), to ultimately being one who survives until end credits roll – which leaves much room for speculation about what may come next! As already mentioned above though… many would say “moral.”

1. Trevor Philips

The Bourne Identity is one of those movies that you can watch again and again, but there’s always something new to see. You’ll find yourself relating more with the character as time goes on- especially if he has a similar personality like Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V!

A man in his 30s who lives off alcohol and drugs while living out revenge against anyone who wronged him? Sound familiar? Well here’s where things get interesting: this damaged soul also happens to be an elite secret agent trained by some very clever people at CIA/NSA Combine organizations back when such groups existed (circa 1970) before being betrayed by them after finally achieving peace overseas only for it.