Rocket League Sideswipe Review

The Duke boys would love to see these cars fly

The mobile gaming industry is a tricky market to navigate. With many mistakes made in adapting console or PC games for this platform, it’s difficult not only because of how different playing on your phone feels from sitting down at home with an Xbox 360 controller but also due to developers’ poor understanding about monetizing their games effectively–often resulting in frustrating experiences where fun has been sucked out! A few designers manage create quality products despite these challenges though; if you’re willing put some time into making sure what gets optimized – be it graphics performance enabled devices like Intel® Core™m3 processor-based computers running Windows* 8/10 IoT Edition operating system software built specifically around big data analysis needs.

  • Rocket League Sideswipe (Android [reviewed on a Pixel 6], iOS)
  • Developer: Psyonix Studios
  • Publisher: Psyonix Studios
  • Released: November 29, 2021
  • MSRP: Free-to-play w/ in-app purchases

Rocket League Sideswipe is a new take on the car soccer genre. With its emphasis on verticality, this game still has all of those fast-paced meating and punching qualities you would expect from an RLC title; however there are some key differences worth keeping in mind before diving into your first match with these rules: cars can fly through midair if jump higher than opponents or power up to boost over shorter distances while trying not only smack down their opponent’s goal but also propel themselves skyward!

In this game, you need to be able to hit the ball with maximum effect. There are three buttons on either side of your car that will boost or jump it into air depending what is needed for each stage’s challenges; left joystick controls orientation while right triggers do something called “boosting.” Momentum becomes key when playing against others because if one player slows down too far then there could easily become an advantage given by having more power behind their shots!

Though it has been difficult to figure out at first, I am now much better with my ball handling skills and have run up the score so often that many of my opponents choose not play through two minutes.

Two minutes may not sound like a lot, but any Rocket League player knows that sometimes you need to make the most of your time. I’ve had several matches where my teammate and I came back from being down by multiple goals mere moments ago in order to eke out victory with some clever teamwork (and boost jumps!). It’s also great for getting all those subway tokens refunded because two minutes is just enough space between stops!

The shortened match length is just one of the changes from standard Rocket League formula that will be apparent right out the gate. Because of such a small field, Psyonix has decided not to include vehicle collisions in Sideswipe so you can’t blow up your opponent with well-timed boosts or charge them while airborne – they’re only usable when on ground surfaces or ceilings instead; after use vehicles need some time before being able recharge their finite boosting power again.

Sideswipe is a new free-to play car soccer game that just came out. It allows you to either compete against AI or other players online in three different modes: 2v2, 1 v1 & Basketball (sounds like the NBA). If your looking for something fun but don’t have any money then there are bots which can be trained up using offline challenges until they reach level 20 before being matched with human opponents so expect some microtransactions and possibly even real cash purchases within this aspect if it continues well enough!

The Rocket Pass is a great way to get people playing Sideswipe now, especially since the item shop offers items that can be purchased with coins. It’s not going change anytime soon though – I think it’ll just remain an incentive for those who want into this game early on and then again when they hear about all of its benefits!

Psyonix has done it again, taking a free-to play mobile game and making it better than ever. Rocket League Sideswipe is the best thing I’ve played this year – with its brilliant design and exquisite execution you won’t be able to put down your phone fast enough!