How to use Threat Sensor Halo Infinite Complete Guide

Threat Sensor Halo Infinite

In the Halo Infinite Campaign, you’ll come across some mechanics that will require understanding and abilities to master. One of these is Threat Sensor Halo Infinite, a handy gadget which not only allows for seeing nearby enemies but removes their invisibility cloaking with just one use! You first get it when facing Chak-Lok near the beginning on your journey through this new campaign mode in game.

The Boss likes to use their cloak as an opportunity for attack, so you’ll want the Threat Sensor. This guide will tell me everything I need know about it!

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How to Use Threat Sensor Halo Infinite

Imagine the thrill of hunting down your enemies with nothing more than a pulse. The Threat Sensor is an ability that you can throw on any surface and it will stick there, emitting one powerful beam for eight seconds before needing to recharge again! You’ll be able track pinpointed foes even if they’re behind walls or invisible in cover – all while having only five second recovery time between uses (which gives us plenty enough room during combat). Spartan Cores allow us upgrade these effects so we have greater insight into where enemy players may hide.

If you are experiencing issues with the Threat Sensor, press RB on your Xbox or Q if playing from afar. These default commands should work for both platforms at present but there is currently an issue affecting some PC users in which they instead fire Grappleshots when clicked upon by enemies–the solution? Simply restarting game and reestablishing keyboard input settings should resolve this problem automatically!