Genshin Impact Itto and Gorou Banner Release Date

The new Oni Royale event is finally here! If you want to add Genshin Impact characters Itto and Gorou into your gang, this may be the one for you. The festivities kick off today at 2pm PST/5PM EST in over Discord servers across North America.

Itto and Gorou’s banner also includes four-star characters Barbara, Xiangling. So there are two familiar faces you may get if you haven’t nabbed them just yet! As always, try out Itto or Goround before deciding to spend your Intertwined Fate Wishes on the banner–The test run provides a mob of foes for you to tackle with an all character team so that’s how much damage they deal out as well their suitability at support role can be seen in action (if either).

If you want to give your duo some new weapons, the Epitome Invocation event will be live today. The standout prizes are a five-star Redhorn Stonethresher claymore and Skyward Harp bow for Itto users; while Gorou prefers knives or swords over other arms (although he does like bows), it’s worth keeping this in mind if they’re currently outfitted with nothing but vanilla gear!

Genshin Impact Itto and Gorou banner release time

The Genshin Impact Itto and Gorou banner release time is 6pm server time, translating to 3 pm PST / 6 EST on the US servers. The event lasts until January 4th so you’ve got three weeks before deciding if wish for these wonderful companions who will eventually get a rerun later!

If you want to outfit your new pals with the best gear, our Genshin Impact Itto build guide has everything. If canines are more up your alley then we’ve got a corresponding Gorou-specific set of instructions for that too!