Divinity Original Sin 2 Characters: Best Ranked & Unique Abilities

Divinity Original Sin 2 Characters

Heading in a new direction, the world of Divinity: Original Sin 2 lets you take on an entirely different role when playing through it’s story campaign. For those who enjoy tactical RPGs with plenty to do and see outside their main quest lines (and there are no shortage), these games will give your imagination endless possibilities at every turn!

The original sin 2 has a huge, robust cast of characters that are all intriguing in their own right. Some have skills or interactions with other creatures on the island that make them stand out while others merely offer unique dialogue options when you interact with them– but it’s not only about who is playable at first! After playing through Original Sin II players can explore these complex personalities more before deciding which one would best suit your tastes; afterall there isn’t really “wrong” answer here provided each character offers something different depending upon how deep into this dark fantasy world do want to go for yourself (pun intended).

16. Custom Geomancer

The Geomancer is one of the more versatile classes in Black Desert, with skills that can be used for both offense and defense. The best pairing would have to be Pyrokinetic since they share many abilities such as forcing toxic puddles or oil into flames which then burst outwards creating a large radius damage field around them while also setting enemies on fire if they step through it! Other skill trees work well too though; players who enjoy playing things safe might want try Elementalist paired up nicely against foe’s magically adept foes while still having some useful tools at your disposal like Toxic Rain spells where you overcharge certain areas by dumping buckets fulls water onto them causing any type enemy caught within its path instant death.

If you’re looking for a character who can defend your party from attacks as well as deal serious damage, then the Geomancer might be just what you need. They have skills that penalize enemies and remove status effects on themselves or those in their presence including Blinded, Crippled Knocked Down Entangled etcetera But they also have some really powerful offensive abilities too!

15. Custom Pyrokinetic

If you’re looking for a way to make your party feel like they are on fire, look no further than the Pyrokinetic skill tree. This set of abilities can quickly incinerate enemies with powerful attacks and debilitative DOTs. With so many skills that damage over time (DOT) it will be difficult not only defeat foes but also chip away at their health potentially leading uphem defense down quite easily!

The Wizard starts out as a Pyrokinetic-focused character, but they also gain skills from Geomancing. The Searing Daggers and Ignition will help them in both ranged combat with fireballs at long range or up close where you can use your spells on enemies directly. You’ll have access to a variety of buffing effects through the tree such as Haste or Peace Of Mind which could be very useful for getting that last hit before dying!

14. Custom Scoundrel

Outside of a few special cases, melee DPS such as rogues have the best numbers when it comes to damage. In Original Sin 2 Scoundrels can capitalize on their skills and equipment in order maximize how much they deal out thanks their backstab which has an extra added bonus that deals higher amounts against unsuspecting foes. They also rely heavily upon status conditions like Bleeding causing you more pain than before while Ruptured Tendons saps away at your ability for movement or defense leaving him/her vulnerable without protection; but don’t worry since this is where Decaying steps up! It not only slows down enemy’s movespeed bit by bit each second–so long s there isn’t another effect currently active-but.

A Scoundrel’sRogue Class is perfect for those who want to play the role of daredevil. They come with Throwing Knives and Backlash, which can be used in both ranged or close combat situations – making them a versatile character from early on up until late game where new abilities like Adrenaline (AP boost) help them stay alive longer against more difficult foes. A typical rogue will also have access to Shadowblade thanks its own passive ability that boosts AP usage when using swordsmanship-based fighting styles such as fencing; Chameleon CloakPolymorph); Chicken Claw(poly morph). All these traits make this class an excellent choice if you’re looking not only firepower butalso mobility.

13. Custom Warfare

The Warfare Skill Tree is all about fighting enemies head on. Their skills will have you hitting them as hard and fast until they fall down – perfect for tanks or other direct damage dealers! Unlike some of the other skill trees, Warrioship Skills heavily rely on Knocked Down status in order to stop an enemy from moving while also offering buffs that grant Enraged-, Deflecting-and Thick Of The Fight abilities when activated by these qualities respectively.

The Knight is an amazing class to play as they have access to skills that can take out enemies in one go. Their weapon skills include Battering Ram and Crippling Blow, which will stop the enemy dead in their tracks while Battle Stomp provides them with ranged attacks or boosts physical armor for protection against incoming damageoutput tone: professional.

12. Custom Huntsman

The Huntsman Skill Tree is a great way to deal damage from afar. With its flexible offensive Skills and beneficial utilities, players will love using the long-range attacks of this class! It also has First Aid for those who can’t invest in Hydrosophist but need some basic treatment like Cure Wounds or even just escape if things go south too quickly. Parties could use Farsight which temporarily increases your range; Tactical Retreat is always welcome as it allows you move while still attacking enemies on our ground level business – never miss out again with all these options at hand thanks to what we’ve got here first rate talents coming right up next time around.

The Huntsman is one of the most unique classes in Monster Hunter World. Not only does it have an extensive skill tree, but also many different abilities to choose from like Reactive Shot which will automatically attack enemies within its range; Ballistic Shot for maximum damage at point blank range with each shot hitting up close or Barrage where you can hit multiple foes at once while keeping your distance! It’s no wonder this character could turn any ranged fighter into a commando-type that fights on foot instead of relying solely upon their bow and arrow – they’re able not just fight back against threats approaching them by projectiles coming out fast (reactionary shots) but also use these skills defensively when surrounded so as long as there are some left standing after everyone else.

11. Custom Undead

The undead in Rivellon are suffering from amnesia. They once had great empires, but now most of them can’t even remember what happened to the people who were killed by their own kind or if they’re still alive themselves!

The Custom Undeads have Play Dead ability which lets us feign death when needed; this may be situational but it’s helpful anyhow and will divert attention away alpha our characters so that hopefully more players don’t attack us because there seems like no way out for these poor souls without help… At least until Talents become available where some subraces get special abilities such as being healed only by poison effects – not too bad overall though since healing isn’t exactly strong point amongst non-player.

10. Custom Human

Being a Custom Human might make it easier to interact with most other characters, as Humans are by far the most common race in Rivellon.

2 Talents grant Thrifty (granting +1 Bartering) and Ingenious which buffs critical damage- both handy for Finesse oriented classes such as rangers wayfarers & rogues or any class using finesse weapons like daggers swords hammers maces etc…their special abilities Include dome of protection plus encourage (which increases Str/Intelligence/Strength).

9. Custom Dwarf

In the world of Original Sin 2, The Dwarf race is well-established and loyal to their clan. They’re gruff but good hearted warriors with an attitude that never fails them in battle! Thanks for being large enough so they can use talents like Sturdy or Guile which gives you more vitality as well as dodges when sneak attacked by enemies on top your normal defense stats. If things get too tough don’t worry because these big guys also have Petrifying Touch where he deals damage turning foes into statues who cannot move until died normally.

8. Custom Lizard

Lizards are a new addition to the world of Original Sin 2, and they’re just as different from humans as elves or dwarves. They live in Rivellon – an ancient empire which used to be home for lizards before it was conquered by Humans long ago (and their Protagonist). Alongside standard fantasy races like Elves and Dwarves there is also Sophisticated Talents which grant them Persuasion +1 along with fire & poison resistance; but what makes these creatures really stand out? Well that would be Spellsong Talent: granted abilities include Fire Breath (+ATK) & Poison Cloud(50% chance Silence target+Resistance Boosts); not only do those sounds prove hazardous on enemies you attack.

7. Custom Elf

Elves can learn more than anyone else in Rivellon as they consume the flesh of those around them to gain their memories and teach themselves about this world.

This race has two talents that help with learning: Corpse Eater which lets you feed on others’ corpses for power, and Ancestral Knowledge (which grants +1 Loremaster). These abilities make up much what makes an elf special – not only do these creatures have long lives but also unique ways to use it!

6. Beast

Beast is a squat, bearded dwarf with an unruly shock of black hair. His coarse features are typical in his race but Beast has them beat by how deeply set his dark blue eyes seem to be; this gives him something else than just plain old muscle mass or height–a sense for the unpredictable nature around him that most people don’t share unless they’ve lived their whole lives among giants like himself!

He was once part of what looked poised on being successful at overthrowing co-ruler Queen Annora during one summer’s night when everything went wrong though all too soon afterwards due some lazy sibling politics turned betrayal ended up costing more blood then anyone could have dreamed possible before hand.

5. Fane

Fane’s quest to learn more about the mortal world has lead him down an interesting path. He is one of few Undead left in Rivellon, and his research into how people behave have brought on a new goal: creating The Mask Of Shapeshifter so that he can freely change forms without being afraid or distrusted by other humans! Despite this desire for knowledge though there are still some things which Fane cannot understand – namely why anyone would choose death instead?

Fane starts off as Wizard but gains access abilities like Play Dead along with Time Warp once again granting free turn upon activation.

4. Sebille

Sebille is a free elf who has sworn revenge on her former masters. She gains both Ancestral Knowledge and Corpse Eater Talents in addition to the usual benefits for this race, but it’s when you look at what she can do with Special Abilities that things really get interesting: Flesh Sacrifice allows Sebileze remove Negative Status Effects from herself while Break The Shackles does just about everything else!

3. Lohse

Lohse has become famous throughout Valor as she’s a highly skilled performer. Unfortunately, the voice that plagues her mind forces its way into every performance and transforms Lohse into something else – usually an angry being with no regard for others around them or themselves in most cases. Her default class is Enchanter which means they’re extremely helpful when supporting other characters on quests where stealth isn’t required but you still need someone who can heal your party members from afar without entering combat yourself; especially if those targets have low HP bars so it won’t take long until everyone gets healed up again!

2. Red Prince

The Red Prince’s quest to regain his throne is not an easy one. After being defeated by the Assassin Guild, he was left for dead in slum quarters of Magnimar—but that does not stop him! With only a razor-sharp wit and iron will forged through years upon bloody battlefields as payment on his debt owed to society; this man now faces down any obstacle before him without flinching or faltering-even if it means death itself waiting just around each turn…

With scars both old (on both body AND soul) delivered during childhood alone save for moments spent inside books where wisdom could be found whether sought out consciously or otherwise–the Crown Prince known simply enough

1. Ifan Ben-Mezd

Ifan Ben-Mezd was a member of the Divine Order, who quit and became part of mercenary group Lone Wolves. And just as when he’s about to retire for good they send him on one more mission – kill their own son! As an Ingenious Human with Thrifty tendencies players get him at first but once you get through some upgrades (special ability comes in handy there) then his Pet Pal Talant allows communication not only humans but also animals like dogs or even horses if attainable…or wayfarers can talk too–it really depends upon what kind nature spirit lives up your alley 🙂