15 Best Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters

Seven Deadly Sins Characters

The Seven Deadly Sins anime is home to some of the strongest characters in all of anime. From Meliodas, leader and founder; Escanor with his peerless strength that can destroy mountains without even lifting a finger–these are just two examples among many others who would give any otherworldly being pause for thought when they go up against them! And yet somehow this gang was defeated by Susanoo-no-Mikoto? The power these individuals wields has been felt across both worlds (this one plus their own) like no other before or since but what makes it so special? What separates humans from mere monsters then.

15 Tarmiel

Tarmiel’s regenerative powers are on a completely different level. He was able to survive being sliced in half by Gaaland, and it is fortunate for him that his grace allowed him the resistance of ” Ocean,” which created an ocean out nowhere while trapping all opponents within its watery embrace.

14 Ludociel

Ludociel, a powerful angel and leader of the Four Archangels is known for his ruthlessness in combat. His speed allows him to overwhelm many strong characters with ease while also having incredible endurance that he uses when needed most against skilled foes or group hunts where teamwork will make all difference.

Ludociel’s ability is called Breath of Bless. It grants any person a power boost and also erases their memories so they are loyal to the Goddess clan in turn for it, like other Angelic beings such as Ludociel himself who has been granted with grace known as “Flash”. With this special speed move he can transport at incredible rates which makes him seem like an animee version angel come down from heaven!

13 The Original Demon

The Original Demon was an ancient and powerful demon that originally had the power to match Escanor, but after divided into two lesser demons he lost most of it. He still has one insanely strong ability – Crisis which increases his power based on how much damage is taken; however with Hellblaze he can prevent healing from Immortals like prophecised warriors or Angels even if they are destroyed by another person’s attack (though this does not work against other monsters).

12 King, Could Fight Several Characters At Once

King is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, also known as Harlequin. He has a sacred treasure that can transform into 10 forms–the spear chastiefol which he used to defeat Mael while defending Diane and co from harm! His unique ability Disaster allows him control at molecular level so even minor scratches turn potentially fatal injuries if King wills it so with this power alone… But wait there’s more? Yes indeed because not only does disaster manipulate flora but by manipulating these natural elements too much might cause them bloom or perish right before your eyes (or ears)!

11 Gowther

Gowther is one of the Ten Commandments and he served under Demon King. His talent was recognized by him, a great power that allowed Gowther to read memories from others including Meliodas , Zeldris etc., even changing their own minds into believing what ever s/he wanted them too which includes making people forget certain events or information they have just told you for some reason? In this case allowing someone’s mind protection mechanism kick in after being tricked once already but all without knowing why your doing so…

10 Goddess Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the daughter of Supreme Deity, which makes her one of strongest fighters in Goddess Clan. Being such highly ranked member she possesses more power than most characters on series. Due to incredible fighting skills Elizabeth nicknamed “Bloodstained Ellie” by fans because when fight against Derieri and Monspeet who were using their Indura Form Mael acknowledge that with some help he will be defeated

9 Ban

Elizabeth is the daughter of Supreme Deity, which makes her one if the strongest fighters in Goddess Clan. Being such ranked member on their team she possesses more power than most characters in series . Due to incredible skills and abilities Elizabeth has earned nicknames like ‘Bloodstained Ellie’.

She was able fight against Derieri & Monspeet who knew Indura Form but with some help finally overwhelmed both of them despite being powerful enemies before this event started happening at all…

8 Zeldris

Zeldris is the son of Demon King, and he was chosen by Meliodas to take command after his betrayal. He can nullify all sorts magic attacks that are used against him with ease- even those from other planes! His Ominous Nebula attracts living things without any trouble at all; slice them apart in an instant if you want too though it took Seven Deadly Sins combined effort as well as Four Archangels’ might before they could finally bring Zeldris down for good.

7 King, Became The Strongest Fairy King In History

The King of Fighters XIV is an interesting take on the classic fighting game. He starts off weak, but it’s clear early in combat that there are many hidden potentials waiting to be unleashed with enough training and practice. The first Fairy King recognized this about his future successor – Gloxinia believed that one day he would surpass her own strength as well!

A few years later when faced against Mael during their fight for Diane’s life (an angel who had taken up residence inside him), everything changed; now having awakened all power himself- including newfound holy weaponry forms like Chastiefol which can come handy at different times depending how much magic energy you use while using each form–King was able not only protect.

6 Merlin

As a child, Merlin’s magic was considered to be extraordinary and she had been destined for great things. However it is not just her power that makes this girl so incredibly powerful – from the moment you meet her in battle until The End credits roll on your final saved file there isn’t one fight where someone doesn’t say “Wow!” about how amazing they think Meri11na performs during their turn-based battles with either enemy units or allies alike.

In addition to being ableottage terrifying foes without even trying; You’ll find yourself feeling confident when outsmarting opponents thanks exclusively because we always keep our backs covered via various forms of escape.

5 Escanor

The strongest character in the series, Escanor was granted power by Mael to be his vessel and wielder. His peak Noon abilities were almost unmatched as he held them against Meliodas’ Assault Mode form with ease; Estarossa also came into play here but that didn’t phase him much either way! What’s more impressive than how powerful this guy got during midday though? He took on Gaalannd head-on without even flinching at all…

Everyone knows about those incredible feats from when they were still human: overwhelming assault modeMeliodas (while swarmed), overpowering Esarothaa nd Gaaland

4 Mael

Mael is the strongest out of four archangels within Goddess Clan. The only character superior to him, Mael’s grace- Sunshine makes him an extremely dangerous opponent as well as being a peak human with great power that reaches its apex at noon time and few can hold their own against his might until Gowther altered everyone’s memories turning them into Estarossans so there could be balance between these two powerful clans again because before stand offs would always end in bloodshed for no reason whatsoever.

3 Meliodas

Meliodas is a strong fighter and the captain of Seven Deadly Sins. He was originally in charge as leader, but he fell for Elizabeth and quit being their king to be with her.

At first Meli had little power compared with Demon King until near end where his strength rivaled him ultimately reflecting any magical attack full counter ability made him one toughest fighters on Earth.

2 Chaos Arthur

The Demon King was defeated by Meliodas and his friends, but there’s more than one entity that should be feared. The Supreme Deity revealed themselves to have had an astonishing revelation regarding the source of all fear on earth–Chaos itself chose Arthur as its host which granted him incredible power! With only a few hours’ worth control over time-space bending abilities…it would seem impossible stop this new threat if he gets full hold of what is within him

1 The Demon King and The Supreme Deity

The Demon King’s unique ability is known as the Ruler, which inverts any magic that he or she uses to hurt himself. This nullifies almost every threat against them with only exception being when there are demons present who can be reasoned with and/or bargained for their Soul Energy (a natural resource used by many creatures). We know nothing else about this Supreme Deity except her skills at fighting these pesky little beings called “demons.”