Halo Infinite Warship Gbraakon Collectibles First Skull Locations

Halo Infinite Warship Gbraakon

In the game, you can find a lot of unique and interesting collectibles. First there’s Halo Infinite Warship Gbraakon Collectibles which are special items that give bonuses to your character when collected in this collection book- sorta like achievements for games nowadays! The audio logs also don’t award much aside from completion but with an extra reward at least.

They just tell part of their story complete without any dialogues so it’s really easy pickings if someone wants them all completed right away (or never have time). However…the skulls do something different; granted they’re more difficult than either type since even finding one takes some doing on top being brand new content we haven’t seen before.

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Warship Gbraakon Skull Location in Halo Infinite

Well, there you have it. The one and only Halo Infinite Skull collectible location on Warship Gbraakon is in the long red-and silver two level hallway as can be seen below with images included for reference purposes only because who knows when we’ll come across another opportunity like this again? If your looking at these pictures then I’m sure that means yes! So without further ado let me tell ya how to find “The gun” right away…

warship gbraakon collectibles

The Boom Skull is an interesting way to spice up your gameplay. It allows for more explosions and can be used as a weapon, but it also doubles the radius of any thrown rocks or other objects so you don’t have stay close when hunting smaller creatures such us insects! We recommend checking out our video on how collectibles locations in halo infinite work if needed additional info.

Warship Gbraakon Audio Log Locations in Halo Infinite

After you finish the first Warship Gbraakon Halo Infinite Audio Log collectible, proceed through a level normally until going up an elevator. At this point head left and towards blue glowing crates among other objects for your next special encounter – The Spartan-Infinity Down audio log!

warship gbraakon collectibles

The Banished – Loss audio log can be found in the Gbraakon ship’s bridge, once you walk inside. head right and down into ramp on left side; take first turn that comes along before reaching another opening with an orange glow towards it (the location).