Octopath Traveler Characters: Sub-Jobs For Each Character

Octopath Traveler Characters

Octopath Traveler is a video game developed by Square Enix and released on the Nintendo Switch in July 2018, PC in June 2019, Google Stadia April 2020 Xbox One March 2021. The plot follows 8 adventurers with different backgounds all struggling to find themselves throughout their journey which takes place within Orsterra (the world).
The fascinating thing about this story isn’t just how it’s set up but also because we see each character grow into someone new over time– while staying true to who they were before!

Octopath Traveler has an amazing array of skills and weapons for each character. There are eight starting jobs in total: Cleric, Scholar, Merchant Warrior Dancer Apothecary Thief & Hunter.

Some characters may want to take up one or two secondary jobs depending on their playstyle preference–but no matter what you choose there will be plenty more opportunity than ever!

9. Olberic Eisenberg, The Warrior/Apothecary

For years, Olberic Eisenberg fought to protect his hometown and the king who ruled it. But when they were betrayed from within their own countrymen- no one was safe anymore! The player follows this once brave knight’s story as he struggles to find peace after tragedy has torn him apart into an anguished beast of destruction; however there are those that want nothing more than for ol’ Berserkering back again…

The best sub-job for Olberic, complementing his Warrior job is actually Apothecary. This is because he already has high HP and strength to take hits in combat with axes or commands that heal him but also give more Critical hit chance as well enhance defense capabilities through increased Dodge Chance percentage when equipped on top of whatever other bonuses they may possess!

8. Cyrus Albright, The Scholar/Merchant

While smart, Cyrus has a lack of common sense. He’s on his quest to find the missing book stolen by one of his coworkers from their library and study it at home before coming back for work!

The best secondary job for Cyrus, complementing his Scholarly duties as a warrior is the Merchant. He already has access to plenty of elemental attacks so getting bonuses to Elemental Attack (and SP) makes this choice obvious! His Rest ability will restore HP and SP before he strikes back with full force – making sure you can take on any challenge head-on!

7. Tressa Colzione, The Merchant/Thief

Tressa Colzione is a young girl with an adventurous spirit. When her peaceful hometown in Rippletide comes under attack one morning by pirates, Tressa sets out on the adventure of her life in search for treasure! Using swords and bows as well as Wind Magic like many merchants before them; this merchant’s daughter has what it takes to be anyones paladin…or monster killer!

Tressa’s best secondary job for Octopath Traveler is the Thief sub-job. In addition to bows and polearms (and Wind Magic), she will be able use swords with daggers in hand while still being capable of dodging like a madman! On top of having access skills that debuff enemies or steal their hard earned loot Tress also has an added boost when using her ranged attacks thanks to Lockpicking which makes this character quite slippery business indeed!

6. Ophilia Clement, The Cleric/Dancer

Ophilia Clement is a kind, caring healer from the town of Flamesgrace. She was an orphan but her sister Lianna took care of her since then and now it’s Ophiels turn to repay that kindness by accompanying on this dangerous pilgrimage so she can help tend everyone during combat while also guiding them through sacred grounds like Orsterra (instead letting someone else go). The best sub-job for Clerics who want support themselves AND others? Naturally Dancer — what better way than healing yourself plus your party members at once?! You’ll be able use daggers too if needed because well…we understand how much assistance you’re looking forward too!

5. Primrose Azelhart, The Dancer/Scholar

Primrose Azelhart was a dancer by profession until she discovered the depth of her revenge against men who murdered her father, an honorable nobleman. While on tour to forget about what happened in Helgenish – Prim rose comes across as more than just another pretty face when you see how sick this one’s employer is! Her moves are flashy and graceful with some ballroom tunes mixed into them for good measure; not forgetting that each performance begins before even starting any conventional dance steps at all: casting buffs or spells like Allure while convincing NPCs join our party so they can fight alongside us for justice…

The perfect sub-job for Primrose is Scholar, and she can use Fire Magic to fry enemies with her magic staff. Ice and Lightning too!

4. Alfyn Greengrass, The Apothecary/Cleric

Alfyn Greengrass is a pharmacist, and he has been healing people since before his time as an apothecary. He was once healed by someone who didn’t even know how to use magic! However, because of this experience with such kindness at such young age it only made sense that when Alf felt the pain from being bitten by some sort if poisonous snake that wasn’t just out for dinner–when in fact there could have easily been much worse consequences had they not found each other-he wanted nothing more than help others like himself get better too…

Alfyn is a wonderful candidate for the Cleric sub-job because he can heal from day one with his excellent skills. Although Alfyn won’t be able to do much damage, it’s best if you assign him some Holy Magic and Light Magics in addition to Concoct–his signature skill which has been uniquely designed by ourselves at New Day Games!

3. Therion, The Thief/Hunter

Therion is a skilled thief who can get into any place and steal whatever he sets his mind to. The player meets him on the job at Ravus Manor, where thieves are not welcomed with open arms- it’s already too dangerous for them! With swords or magic in hand Therion hacks away at enemies until there’s nothing left but ash…and then some more HP than before because debuffs don’t apply after their effects wear off (but they do still reduce your opponent’s damage).

The best sub-job for this Thief is Hunter, of course. He can use a bow and axe as well as gain more options when it comes to debuffs with Therion causes mayhem on the battleground!

2. H’aanit, The Hunter/Warrior

H’aanit is a Tracker and one of the last members in her class at Swarkii, where she can tame beasts. She loves nature as well (and her master) but most importantly to H’Aanits heart- ZANNA! The player meets this tracker on his or journey through town looking for monsters who have been attacking people near their homes; it just so happens that there was an entire pack running amok outside our protagonist’s house not too long ago…

H’aa annot uses bows/axes along with Lighting magic against foes – best yet? When taming wild animals they come outfitted into all sorts weapons such as swords & spears making them ultimate physical attackers which suits these animal lovers just fine by.

1. Secret Jobs

There are various secret jobs that can be obtained after fighting certain superbosses. These bosses aren’t pushovers, but they’re well worth the effort to defeat them so players unlock some of Octopath Traveler’s best secondary positions in this guide for every character on your journey!