Seven Deadly Sins Characters Ages, Heights, & Birthdays

Seven Deadly Sins Characters

The Seven Deadly Sins anime has captivated audiences since its release in 2014, and continues to be one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The show features wildly different characters with unique personalities that offer fresh takes on fantasy genres like this one. All five seasons are available for streaming or can be bought at full price when they’re not out yet!

While the characters in Seven Deadly Sins are largely similar to their counterparts from manga or anime, there are some key differences. For one thing, many of these fantasy beings have been alive for thousands upon millennia–and they’re not done yet! Others continue cycles where they must die before being reborn again while others’ bodies refuse to age even though time has passed since last seen by loved ones (or at least that’s how it feels).

10. Meliodas

  • Age: 3,000+
  • Height: 5’0
  • Birthday: July 25

Meliodas’ power is truly impressive. He’s the Sin of Wrath and he can use it to take on enemies with agility, wit, Demon Clan powers in battles against them! At one point he owned a tavern called Boar Hat where Elizabeth spent much time- but not all their adventures together were happy ones because Meliodas loved her too much for his own good…

Over the years, Meliodas has watched his fair share of Elizabeth die before him. This is something that’s hardened and strengthened him because he spends a lot time trying break what seems like an endless cycle for them both-the curse they’re under as well as it being difficult without her guidance or love in general which makes life more bearable but also thanks to this character trait many people new viewers might find quirky while still enjoyable enough with their sassy personality by watching from start till end!

9. Diane

  • Age: 750
  • Height: 5’5 as human, 30′ as a giant
  • Birthday: December 24

Diane is the sin of Envy, and she’s a member of Giant Clans. Her size can change because she has access to extraplanar magic that gives her powers over earth transformations – even as an ordinary human woman! The way Diane looks at Meliodas makes you think there might be something more than simple crushes between them… but their relationship ends up badly anyway with King ending things for good this time around.

Drole trusts in his daughter-in law’s potential future leadership skills amongst giants which leads him underestimating anyone who would dare stand against them or challenge any order made without asking first; he also knows about Diane*’s abilities through knowledge passed down.

8. Ban

  • Age: 1,114+ but looks 34
  • Height: 6’11
  • Birthday: February 14

Ban is the sin of Greed. He’s spent a lot of time in Purgatory and will do anything for love, especially that one woman who has captured his heart: Elaine.

Ban may not be as flashy or dramatic as many other characters on this show but there’s no question about it – he can steal your soul if you let him get too close! Ban spends so much energy protecting those around him from harm with what seems like magic at first glance (using Chain Staves) because deep down inside himself…he knows how helpless people feel without their own life force sustaining them through tough times–and sometimes even just being able to touch another person again feels more valuable than gold.

7. King

  • Age: 1,300+
  • Height: 5’11 in human form
  • Birthday: April 1

King is the sin of Sloth in this show and he’s part of the Fairy Clan. He has a special weapon called Chastiefol, which can transform into many different objects but most often appears as green pillow when King isn’t fighting battles with it out on display for his foes to see- though not always because some forms are used only at night time while others work best during daylight hours! This highly versatile spear offers 10 different shapes ranging from giant lethal teddy bear or deadly flower depending what situation calls them forth; all these variations will be sure bring about victory if handled correctly by someone who knows how do use their power wisely…
As I was reading through katie halpern.

King might not look like much, but he’s an undeniably powerful and capable king. He can levitate with ease thanks to his crown; fly at super speed while using the power of sacred tree once it grows on him wings; AND harness all these abilities together into one unstoppable force avatar we call “King.”

6. Gowther

  • Age: 3,000+
  • Height: 5’9 in human form
  • Birthday: June 2

Gowther, the lonely doll with a unique origin story. Created by an ancient powerful wizard long ago he is actually just that; magic and doesn’t seem to care about anything other than himself (or at least until recently). He struggles when it comes down empathy because his lack of emotions make understanding them all too difficult for him though honor seems like something worth holding on tightly too as seen through responsibility which Gowether truly upholds even if others might not think highly enough off these things

Gowther is a tricky foe. He can invade the minds and memories of others, confusing them to such an extent that they are unable forgo their own powers in order to fight back against Gowther’s invasion – his greatest weapon being this ability at rewriting one person after another with only himself knowing how it works! But if you listen closely enough…you might just hear Herritt calling out from beyond time itself: Come forth O Hero With Speed Unbounded.

5. Merlin

  • Age: 3,000+
  • Height: 5’10
  • Birthday: December 3

Merlin is a woman with an orb called Aldan, who can control its movement to cast spells and defeat enemies. Her real name isn’t really Merlin – it’s just the easiest pronunciation for people that are not from around these parts of her home country. She has many different abilities including erasement magic (to remove harmful enchantments), location finding skills which helped save quite a few loved ones in need during The Profilercase Files series , amplify other person’s power using staff or crystals as needed by those who don’t have much strength left themselves yet still want help fighting off monsters .

4. Escanor

  • Age: 41
  • Height: 5’5-10’8
  • Birthday: July 1

Escanor’s pride leads to his downfall. During the day, he appears as a powerful and strong man; however at night Escaon becomes vulnerable with an illness that weakens him until it overtakes him completely in which case all of his injuries become worse than before-leading others into thinking he was dead for good this time around but alas! He has one last trick up those sleeves: His Divine Axe – Rhitta (which means “Rack””). With weaponized hands made out flesh as well as steel against any foe who dares face off against such power…his Sin finally pays off when facing down death again only after losing everything dear.

3. Elizabeth Liones

  • Age: 16 (in current body), 27 after timeskip
  • Height: 5’4
  • Birthday: June 12

Elizabeth Liones is the compassionate but misunderstood daughter of ruler in charge. Her kind and gentle demeanor has made for some epic memes, even if it seems like she’s powerless at first glance! The show may not make sense when you look closer; there are lots of things left unanswered about Elizabeth’s character backstory or how exactly they relate to each other (both past/present).

Over the course of her journey, Elizabeth matures greatly. In episode one she is an insecure and clumsy waitress at Boar Hat who has never known success in love until she meets Meliodas’ friend%; however when he attempts suicide without bothering to tell anyone else about it because “they didn’t care enough.” Their relationship becomes more than just friends but lovers as well%.

2. Hawk

  • Age: 16
  • Height: 1’8 tall
  • Birthday: August 6

When fans first met Hawk in the anime, he’s a talking pig with powers similar to those of Kirby—Hawk acquires abilities when he eats special things. But while his magic makes him think that all is right as rain (or at least more so), there are still corners where other demons lurk and dwell on this side from time-to-time just out looking for someone who can be used against their sworn enemy: humankind!

Keen eyesight isn’t enough these days either; you need radar sensors because not only does evil exist outside our world but also within it too if we let them get close enough without doing anything about making sure everyone stays safe.”

1. Elaine

  • Age: 1,000+
  • Height: 4’11, or 5’2 with wings
  • Birthday: March 14

Elaine is a fairy who has the power to control all things windy. She can fly through trees with ease, but she doesn’t have any other special abilities like King does- Elaine’s not exactly “in touch” with her roots! After working for years as an angel in some old man’s dreams (spoiler alert: he was never sleeping!) ,Elaine learned humans are treacherous AND deceitful… So while most fairies would be pretty satisfied knowing they could read minds and access memories just by looking into somebody else’s eyes or hearing their thoughts aloud every once

With a kind and thoughtful personality, Meg is not one to easily trust others. In order for her work at the Fountain though she had no choice but learn how from Ban who was able read minds without even trying! For fans of anime series such as Naruto or Cowboy Bebop where there are many female leads with magical abilities; other shows worth checking out include sailor moon (Japanese), Sailor Stars (Italian) Mahou shojo Tact(French).