Supreme Value MM2 List

One of the most important things to know when playing MM2 is that value, or tiering as it’s sometimes known in-game, can be either a weapon’s rarity. Supreme Value and Murder Mystery 2 Value are two different concepts though – while one gives an indication on how rare your desired item may be at any given moment (often depending upon what level you start with), there isn’t really any logical correlation between them within this game itself!

When you are playing MM2, there may be a term called ‘Supreme Value’. You might be confused how the Supreme Value works in Murder Mystery 2 and need to know that it’s not an official weapon value list from developers at Maxime Media LTD..

However many players use this reference point when referring between their own values for weapons or clues so they can decide which one will work best on them within each level/chapter of game play; whichever choice is easiest based off personal preference– whether its higher valued items like diamonds being worth more points than other resources such as gold coins -all dependant upon what kind of gamer (or player)you want t Be!

Supreme Value MM2 List

I’m sorry we cannot show you a list of Supreme Value MM2 List. The official site is down for maintenance, but don’t worry because our website has all the information on it! You can find what’s available at https://svl-valuelistscom/.

Alternatively, you can join the Supreme Value Discord to find out any latest information about it. So make sure and get in on https://discordapp . In order for us (the supreme value server) list your trade tokens through there as well – we host an awesome community that’s always looking forward too new members!

With the Supreme Value List site and Twitter account, you can stay updated with what’s happening. You’ll also have access to a list of MM2s that are currently available as well as information about how they work!

The next step is trading on servers provided by Discord or other platforms like Iron Commodity Exchange (ICE). As an interested trader who wants more details before joining one? Great – we’ve got plenty for everyone here so far.”

What Is the Difference Between Supreme Value And MM2 Value?

Certainly, there are some differences between Supreme Value and MM2 Value. The main difference between both is in the amount of the values where the MM2 Value is higher than the Supreme Value. In other words, Supreme makes the values diminished from the original values. We think that Supreme has too low values and MM2 is too high.

To find out more differences, we will also compare each site. Of our little research, we found some advantages and disadvantages of both, here are they:

The Supreme Value list is a valuable resource for those interested in trading cryptocurrency. You can follow the account @SupremeVaIues or register to receive email updates about any new listings from this source as well as when there are maintenance periods on their site which happens twice per year!

The MM2 listing series provides information such us how many coins each token represents and its ticker symbol so traders know what they’re investing into without having too much less knowledge than someone selling stocks at your local brokerages offices these days – not saying it doesn’t exist but just have some more options available where we work instead right

Site’s Look

The MM2 Value site provides its list in an unappealing format. Luckily, with the help of images to make it more catchy and interesting for users- there is no need for boring old text when you can get straight down to business!

This article was written by me (Stephanie) who had her own struggles figuring out how best showcase our product on Supreme’s website without being too overwhelming or overwhelming readers with excess information.


The MM2 Value site has more trading servers and seer calculators, which means it’s a better place to trade. While Supreme Values only offers limited features for traders with just one or two computers at max!


Current MM2 Value List

Here’s the latest update of MM2 Value List:


  • Niks Scythe: Value – 150000
  • Elderwood Scythe: Value – 190
  • Icebreaker: Value – 150
  • Log Chopper: Value – 110
  • Hallowschythe: Value – 90
  • Batwing: Value – 70
  • Ice Wing: Value – 40


  • Corrupt: Value – 485
  • Gold Trophies: Value – 150,000


  • America: Value – 70
  • Golden: Value – 65
  • Blood: Value – 50
  • Phaser: Value – 35
  • Prince: Value – 25
  • Shadow: Value – 25
  • Laser: Value – 20
  • Ghost: Value – 15
  • Splitter: Value – 10
  • Cowboy: Value – 5


  • JD: Value – 250
  • Cotton Candy: Value – 180
  • Green Elite: Value – 160
  • Tree (gun): Value – 140
  • Tree (knife): Value – 140
  • Web: Value – 130
  • Rupture: Value – 130
  • Ghost Knife: Value – 50
  • Etc.


  • Cane ( knife): Value – 150
  • Cane ( gun): Value – 150
  • Ginger ( gun): Value – 125
  • Ginger ( knife): Value – 125
  • Mummy: Value – 110
  • Jack: Value – 90
  • Toxic Knife: Value – 45
  • Vampire Gun: Value – 35
  • Etc.


Chroma Godlys Values

  • Seer: Value – 10x T1 Legendary
  • Chroma Lightbringer: Value – 145
  • ChromaDarkbringer: Value – 145
  • ChromaLuger: Value – 115
  • Chroma Laser: Value – 110
  • Chroma Heat: Value – 105
  • Chroma Gemstone: Value – 90
  • Etc.

Godlys Values from best to worst

  • Sugar: Value – 180
  • Candy: Value – 180
  • Amerilaser: Value – 150
  • Elderwood Revolver: Value – 148
  • Old Glory: Value – 145
  • Etc.

Godlys Values <100

  • Hallows Edge: Value – 90
  • Luger: Value – 85
  • Green Luger: Value – 80
  • Boneblade: Value – 80
  • Xmas: Value – 80
  • EternalIII: Value – 80
  • Spider: Value – 75
  • Tides: Value – 75
  • Etc.