Pyro Genshin Impact Characters: All Pyro Character in the Game

Pyro Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact has seven different elements to experiment with. Each element has strengths and weaknesses, but what makes them unique is the way they interact with each other. These elemental reactions help diversify Genshins’ boardgame library by adding more dynamic gameplay for people who enjoy experimenting in their favorite genres! Pyropositive players can take advantage of this feature since it works well across all types of play styles including strategy focused games like chess or Go where you need quick reflexes just as much if not more than rapid thinking skillset wise.

Pyro is a source of both power and utility in Genshin Impact. There are six different characters that can use it, but there’s at least two more on the way in future updates! The element provides its users with unique skills to keep any team alive when needed most – which makes Pyros’ strength invaluable for every player out there looking into adding this hot newcomer into their collection or just trying them out as an experiment before deciding whether they want him/her permanently part-time status quo
Curious about what all these pyro does? Well read below…

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Apart from Paimon and the Traveler themselves, Amber is perhaps one of most iconic characters in Teyvat. She’s an Outrider for The Knights Of Favonius who plays a vital role as they introduce their new friend to all those living on Mondstadt! As you’ll find out automatically when playing-she can’t wait any longer than that before she starts guiding newcomers through this strange land where monsters lurk around every corner…

Having a hard time? Meet Amber. She’s ranked as the worst character in Genshin Impact and she’ll only get you so far – but not without her benefits! Being that Pyro Bow user makes this poor girl great for solving fire-based puzzles or helping out with stamina while gliding.


Xiangling is a chef who many players may have met already, as she’s awarded for free if you manage to beat Chamber 3 Floor 3 of the Spiral Abyss. Her skills make her well suited either being used as your primary DPS or support class depending on what other characters that are recruited into the party- assuming they’re also stronger than Xiang Ling themselves! In terms it comes down during combat though; with their abilities persisting even after switching out from one character slot – this makes four starppers like herself more useful in those tough battles where there can never seem enough help around…


Xinyan, the steam-powered Pyro from Teyvat is ready to rock your world. Though she’s most known for her powerful defense and support abilities that can create a variety of shields against foes or heal friends in need; players might find themselves switching roles when they least expect it! With enough constellations (stars), this woman becomes an offensive powerhouse with heavy damage dealing skills at its disposal–but time limit will make things difficult if you’re not careful about using wisely…


Bennett is the best character in Benny’s Adventure Team because of his powerful ability, which can be used to deal high sustained damage or periodic blasts. He also buffs and heals other party members when paired with another Pyro DPS character or even Hydro/Cryo types! Despite being ranked at 4-stars by default, many players believe that Bennett should have been given Genshin Impact 5 Star Characters due their amazing synergy between each others abilities making them one dangerous team on any mission where teamwork matters most – especially for raid bosses who require excellent coordination among your whole group before they’re defeated completely.


Klee is a character that has been generating buzz in the world of Cuphead. With her variety bomb attacks and powerful bombs, Kilee makes an incredibly potent main DPS for anyone to use as their go-to power dealer when needed or just something fun! Unfortunately though she’s limited time because we’ve already seen all there was too it with event banners coming back before they were even gone after some people finish collecting them while others may not want this kind of stress on top if theirs jobs at work but either way make sure you try out one our favorite pyro by getting yourself these skins now.


Diluc is one of the most powerful characters in all of Genshin Impact. His skills are wide and devastating, his attacks can set fire to anything they touch – making him a true pyro with unparalleled potential as main DPS for your team! Dilucco would be remiss not use support from great teammates like Serah or Remshock so that he may empower himself even more on the battlefield.


Iansan is a Pyro character who will be appearing in the upcoming fifth Act of Genshin Impact, known as “Incandescent Ode of Resurrection.” The player knows little about her at this point but it seems that she’ll use fire-based abilities and elements differently than other characters. So far there are no confirmed details on what kind or how exactly Iainsan’s Pyromancer Element works yet though players have speculated different things based off their knowledge so far.

Pyro Traveler

Genshin Impact will eventually allow players to travel the region of Natlan, home to Murata. More likely than not you’ll be able visit statues in this area and change your element from any one but fire or water respectively with just a sword as before making them second Sword/Pyro character alongside Bennett; however beyond that we cannot say much at all because everything is still up for speculation.

Though GENSHIN IMPACT hasn’t been released yet (and may never come), it’s clear what kind of content could potentially exist there: namely, exploring an entire new location–the land known only thus far by those who’ve journeyed into its depths already! Players would certainly have access t ochange their own.