15 Best Strongest Legends In One Piece Treasure Cruise

Because Bandai Namco keeps adding new characters to the game, it gets a little bit confusing for new players. You can check out my complete guide of One Piece Treasure Cruise to learn more about the content that is available. In this guide, I want to share which are the strongest legends available in the game today. I will also provide you with some tips that will help you take advantage of these legends and improve your game overall.

In One Piece Treasure Cruise, there are a plethora of characters from the anime. However, while Zoro and Nami will always be relevant, other combatants have the potential to become a lot stronger. In fact, there are a few that can beat an entire raid boss by themselves. So before you take off with any crew in this game, check out this list to learn which pirates have fallen off the wagon.

15. Vivi & Rebecca – Great As A Sub

Vivi & Rebecca are my shared benefactor unit in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. I typically don’t find myself in a situation where Vivi isn’t in my party, especially when they have their special active where they completely purge any damage reduction or increased defense shields. They also help to remove chain locks harmful to hard hitting physical attackers.

14. Halloween Law – Ideal For Speed Runs

The new Halloween Series Song, Halloween Law, for this Halloween is another strong unit that boosts the attack of INT characters by a variable amount. Starting with 4.25x attack up to some power at 7.5x attack at max level, it is not an easy song to resist. Once you’ve stacked the base attack multiplier with your team’s buffs and it reaches maximum potential, it deals devastating damage that can wipe out your opponent in one rotation.

Law is essentially a balance version of Garp. He brings in the damage to one-round any enemy, but less in bulk. With two double orb change skills, he can set up orbs that aren’t green. His special boosts orb stats for all INT characters, and when paired with Sanji or Franky, you can grant both the right team buffs. And finally, Law’s captain ability grants immunity to any status except sleep/paralysis/confusion for two turns.

13. Halloween Shanks – Overall The Best INT Legend

A great attribute on Shanks is that he’s a universal booster, so you get the nice boost of every color at 3.75x. This is better than a trait boost of 4.5x for 1 color and 5x for the other 2 colors, especially if you have F2P characters in your lineup. Also, his captain ability gives both a level and a status boost up to 3x. This is a huge boost of stats overall, which can be hit or miss depending on what teams you face against.

Shanks is a special character from One Piece. His captain ability is 50% increase in HP and 40% ATK with a 3 turn duration. For special he deals a single target fire-water-earth orb change. His assist skill deals defense reduction for 3 turns and 10 combos, the only caveat is that you need 4 characters to trigger it. His superskill deals 100% damage reduction for 1 turn while providing offensive team orb manipulation.

12. Red Hair Pirates – Broken Swap & High Chain-lock

  • Class: Slasher, Cerebral
  • Type: QCK/PSY
  • Stats: ATK- 1625, RCV- 360

There are many powercreep teams nowadays like the Daji team, the KOF Collab team, Hermes team but Red Hair pirates is now at the top of the powercreep list. Their leader skill works on two colours instead of one colour like many others and their base attack multiplier makes them hit harder than everyone else. Their God Killer awakening skill further pushes their damage even higher. And if that’s not enough, they also reduce 10 turns of special silence (which can really save your butt from having no active skills) and makes all orbs to be of two colours matching for your party thus further reducing orb trolling risk.

Straight Outta Lexington, this unit is here to blow your mind. This team revolves around the concept of ‘swapping’. What do I mean by swapping? Let’s take a look at the lead Swapped Capitalist . It says that whenever you match 3 orbs, the lead gives you 2.5x attack for 1 turn. The same goes for his active skill. Now it goes without saying that the more orbs you match, the better your damage will be thus stacking both attacks will result in dealing massive amounts of damage. The second card that I want to talk about is the LS Swapped Orochi . At first he looks bland with only 5x attack but after playing with him for quite some time he really

11. V3 Boa Hancock – Unique Mero Mero Special

  • Class: Free Spirit, Shooter
  • Type: PSY
  • Stats: ATK- 1551, RCV- 380

This version of Hancock is heavily underrated. Her special ability to boost the attack of PSY characters by 4x is similar to We Are The One Robin’s special ability in that it’s real powerful in boosting your overall attack.

It’s hard to make the argument that any but the strongest units are top-tier. Many of these units are overpowered, and can carry their players with ease. However, some units are SO overpowered that they’re completely broken; they act as if they’re on an entirely different level. While some may find these units frustrating, for some (like myself) they’re lots of fun to use. Without further ado, here is why I believe Dokkan Battle’s Boa Hancock is insane.

10. V2 Snakeman – Great Special & Captain Ability

  • Class: Fighter, Free Spirit
  • Type: STR
  • Stats: ATK- 1650, RCV- 295

The second legend of One Piece: Treasure Cruise, Snakeman Luffy is a super strong unit that takes care of attack and orb boost with its super special and regular special respectively. Let us get to know more about this super strong unit.

Luffy is a unique unit because he has a unique ability that helps to boost the attack power of other characters. In fact, Luffy boosts the attack power of STR characters by 4x without a matching orb and by 5x if they have an STR or RCV orb. Naturally, the unit makes RCV orbs beneficial for all characters and also provides a solid HP and RCV boost.

9. Kozuki Oden – Can Give WANO Orbs To Any Team

  • Class: Free Spirit, Slasher
  • Type: STR
  • Stats: ATK 1644, RCV- 225

Oden is an extremely strong leader, with very high damage output. His active skill increases attack for all units by 4.25x, which is increased additionally by 1.5x if the unit has a “WANO” orb. Additionally, Oden provides +1.5x HP to all units, meaning the team becomes extremely tanky. Note that this does not stack with itself or similar skills – you should try not to overlap Oden’s bonus.

WANO orbs have a high chance of being slotted by the unit’s active as well as provide a whooping 2.5x boost to your team unlike regular STR orbs. The only drawback is that WANO slots cannot be shuffled, so you have to play more cautiously when you have it on your team.

8. V2 Shirahoshi/Mansherry — High Utility Sub That Gives High Chain Boost

  • Class: Cerebral, Striker
  • Type: QCK/PSY
  • Stats: ATK-1424, RCV-624

The first Shirahoshi/Mansherry legend was phenomenally good and so the expectations for V2 Shirahoshi/Mansherry were very high. By removing RCV Down, Poison, Paralysis, and Blindness completely, and they also reduce Burn and Bind by 7 turns. In addition, they heal the crew and add 1.2x to the chain multiplier.

7. Sugar – Can Bypass Barriers & Other Annoying Debuffs

  • Class: Driven, Cerebral
  • Type: QCK
  • Stats: ATK- 1520, RCV- 317

When characters have a cost of 40 or less, they get a very special buff called “sugary attack hearts”. Sugar joins a team where you have five characters with a cost of 40 or less. These characters get a very special buff called “sugary hearts”, and only get the buff while they are on the board. When attacked, instead of losing HP, they lose hearts…yes…they start bleeding out until they turn into toys! The whole strategy revolves around your five toy bears running like little bunny rabbits to summon more foes (which also gives buffs to your team) while the enemy counterattacks the toy bears.

6. Gol D. Roger – Has The Most Powerful Captain Ability

  • Class: Free Spirit, Slasher
  • Type: PSY
  • Stats: ATK- 1740, RCV- 202

Before Roger was released into the game, there were many players that thought Oden would be much stronger than he turned out to be. When he premiered, he ended up receiving critical reviews from players, stating that they’re both worthless when it comes to PVP. As much as I hate to state the obvious, this is just not true at all.

A damage boost is of great importance for this type of captain, since he can land loads of damage with his ship. The basic potential for damage varies between 20-55% depending on the level, but it is advisable that you get this hero to level 5 or 6. You can use Gold Roger’s special ability on the 3rd turn of an adventure. This way the enemy won’t have time to clear all your buffs before he can attack them again. Thanks to this captain you will be able to make full use of his crew in battles.

5. Luffy/Sanji – The Best Legend In The Game

  • Class: Fighter, Free Spirit
  • Type: STR/PSY
  • Stats: ATK- 1671, RCV- 371

Ever since their release, Luffy/Sanji has fallen off pretty badly. They are very slow in comparison to the newer legends. The unit allows the players to overfill HP. This mechanic makes the teams a lot more durable and allows them to tank more hits. However, most newer content depends on damage output. They will not be useful against any future raids.

Their leader skill exchanges member positions to provide their buffs which will heal the crew by 2.5x or 2x HP, depending on current HP at the time of launch. It will also bind, paralyse and drain one unit.

4. Sanji/Pudding— Works Well As Both Sub And Lead

  • Class: Fighter, Cerebral
  • Type: DEX/QCK
  • Stats: ATK- 1654, RCV- 393

Sanji/Pudding is one of the most overlooked legends in the game, however, they are easily one of the most consistently performing legends. When their dual form is activated they boost the attack of Cerebral and Fighter characters by 5x and they also make three-color orbs matching for the two classes. When you play this pairing you get universal orb enhances, boosts where applicable, and an orb change that works with their damage enhance awakening.

3. Big Mom vs Kaido

  • Class: Driven, Powerhouse
  • Type: STR/INT
  • Stats: ATK- 1750, RCV- 233

Big Mom from One Piece is one of the most versatile units in the entire game. She has very good stats which make her a solid unit regardless of your team. Her special abilities also allow for a variety of different compositions. She is a great starting unit for green islands, and can play a key role on more advanced teams as well. Her black hole brings every unit into the battle along with an additional 25% potential damage on some units. Her special 2 ability can deal massive amounts of damage to single targets, and her special 3 ability restores health to all allies while allowing her to do an additional move afterwards (similar to Chopper’s duty command).

2. Fire Tank Pirates

  • Class: Shooter, Driven
  • Type: DEX/PSY
  • Stats: ATK- 1600, RCV- 345

Crew is a huge part of the game. Having a powerful crew will help you compete in the arena and have a chance against top PvP teams. Fire Tank Pirates gives +2 to Shooter and Driven crew, which is good for most captain abilities. They also reduce incoming damage by 60% when in dual form. This can be useful based on what your opponent’s’ health is at the time you use it. Many skills blow away both captains and crew if their health is high enough.

The Fire Tank Pirates are, as the gold once said, “the tanky crews that leave nothing to chance”, possessing incredibly powerful stats and damage reduction abilities. The special is double effect; removing all silence for the team and boosting attack of Shooter/Driven characters by 2.5x for two turns (meaning, like her practical version, she’s effectively at 8.25x for two turns). With her ability to buff her own ATK by 3x with the swap effect, this enables herself to inflict massive amounts of damage during special attacks.

1. Ace VS Akainu

  • Class: Shooter/Free Spirit, Driven/Powerhouse
  • Type: STR/QCK
  • Stats: ATK- 1699, RCV- 283

Ace and Akainu both have a strong leader skill. Ace is much more reliable in terms of the attack boost as it will always trigger as Ace has rewind resistant special which will be effective problem against specific enemies such as Luffy or Smoker. Both captains have strong fills and it boils down to whether you prefer attack boost over HP and RCV boosts.

Akainu is a literal monster who is a flat 5x captain for Driven and Powerhouse characters, and after every turn, he applies burn to enemies. He is one of the best Legend in World Boss now, I would say that there are no other Legend can match Akainu now, because he has access to both 5x attack multiplier with immunity to status effect.