Back 4 Blood All Playable Characters

Back 4 Blood All Playable Characters

This week, Back 4 Blood’s highly-anticipated spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead franchise will be releasing in a couple of months. A few days ago developer Turtle Rock Studios hosted an open beta for this game just before its release that allowed players preview what they can expect when it releases with all new content made specifically by developers who have been part of one successful zombie apocalypse after another!

Back 4 Blood will take co-operative gaming into a whole new realm with its eight playable characters. Each character has their own unique abilities and perks as well as individual stories to tell, making this an all around entertaining experience for gamers of any skill level!

Back 4 Blood promises an exhilarating mix between player vs . PC combat in addition to one out 8 different Cleaners who can be chosen at random before starting gameplay which each bring something valuable – whether it’s medical skills or firepower – so make sure you give them all your attention when choosing which Cleaner suits best for what type ‘o person ya are (or want t’be)!


One of the characters that players can play in Back 4 Blood is Walker, who was born and raised right here on Evansbrugh. Personality-wise he’s an easygoing leader with natural leadership skills – which makes sense considering his age as one of five siblings! In trailer footage for this upcoming game you’ll see him wearing a red baseball cap backwards atop blue long sleeves;

Character traits: Precision kills will make you an even more accurate shot for five seconds, which means that the next 10% of your damage output is guaranteed. This also applies to teammates’ health regeneration!


After her traumatic experience of losing family to the Devil Worm, Holly focused all her energy and willpower into being a Cleaner. She’s also known as “the glue” that keeps this team together! Her preferred weapon is Dottie -a nail-spiked baseball bat with spikes on both ends which was given by one of their mentors when they first joined up (mouthful). Despite everything she has been through in life though there are still some things about herself shy girl doesn’t show much emotion over like flowers or poetry especially after people die since then its just left open ended but not anymore because now I can fight against evil spirits instead so.

Character traits: Holly is a character with strong ties to nature. After killing a Ridden, she’ll recover 10 stamina and offer +25 team stamina for all nearby allies!


Next up is Evangelo, the youngest and least experienced Cleaner in Back 4 Blood. Despite his lack of experience, young Evangelo has proven himself to be a good fighter with an unyielding loyalty towards team member status; he would go as far protecting whatever object they gave him if necessary – whether it’s blood or other infectious liquids coming into contact with said hoodie which seems like gospel territory at this point (hint hint). His curly hair often gets stuck under goggles when flying around during battle so expect some messed-up locks after combat scenes where you’ll see more than your fair share!

Character traits: Evangelo has burst speed that makes him hard to grab every 60 seconds. He gains 75% of his maximum health back after a short time and provides 5% team movement for all members when he does so, ensuring they stay close by in case another enemy comes their way!


Hoffman is the team’s resident conspiracy theorist, which helped him face the new world after infection thanks to being an enthusiastic prepper. After his mother’s death and when supplies ran out on him; Hoffman was forced into a fight for survival where he had never experienced before-hand but refused as long as there were other survivors like himself left who needed help from time saved or knowledge gained (even if it meant sacrificing some privacy). His optimism and kindheartedness make up part of what makes this unlikely hero so lovable even without much combat experience under his belt – though we hope Back 4 Blood will introduce cosmetic items soon enough!

Character traits: Hoffman is an excellent shot, always finding ammunition whenever he kills a Ridden. He also offers +1% Offensive Inventory and 10% Max Team Ammo Capacity!


Doc is a no-nonsense, tough woman from the post apocalyptic world that was ravaged by The Ridden. She became an instrumental figure in keeping Fort Hope up and running thanks to her great combat skills as well as excellent work tending doctors’ wounds throughout the town during this time of need. Players can spot Doc on their screens wearing glasses with short hair tied back into pigtails under blue scrunchies; you might also notice she’s carrying what looks like some kind medical supplies clutched tightly against one arm while holding onto another handfull for dear life – but don’t confuse these items for pistols because they’re not!

Character traits: Doc’s healing ability is great for those times you need to heal from a distance. She also increases team trauma resistance, so she can be an asset on any battlefield!


Jim used to head out with his dad in the country when he was a little kid, and that’s where they both got their hunting skills. It made him familiar with Finleyville from all those years going there as well- which makes sense because it is such an important part of who Jim has become today! After spending time away during military service though things took a turn for worse: The Collapse happened overnight so everything changed on up here too… But now we know better than anyone else how valuable maintaining those old traditions can be.

Character traits: Jim’s precision may be tinged with blood, but he doesn’t have anything on his mind except for accuracy. Whether sniping from afar or taking aim at close range, Jim can deliver the kill shot that will leave no room for mistakes in battle thanks to these two traits – an increased damage dealt out by firearms and improved aiming skills when using AWLs (Armed With Lever Action).


Karlee was one of the few lucky ones to survive Fort Hope. She spent years as an outsider, only joining in on group activities when necessary or invited by someone else. When she joined up with Cleaners though? Well let’s just say they weren’t exactly thrilled about Karlee being there-but given her independent nature and willingness not take no for an answer…well you know how these things go!

Character traits: Karlee has a sense of impending danger and can spot hidden objects with ease. She also provides +1 team use speed!


“Only the strongest survive,” is Mom’s motto in Back 4 Blood. But it wasn’t always this way for her- after losing her son to an Ridden attack, she has set out with a new purpose: eradicate these monsters and make them pay for what they did!

A fiercely loyal character who puts others before herself (hence why she got nicknamed “Mom”), Mom often questions decision making when dealing with other members of The Cleaners; however there isn’t one person more trustworthy than this war veteran turned protector of innocent souls…

Character traits: Mom has always been a respected member of society, and she’s finally showing it off by being one-of the group that can revive incapacitated teammates once per level. Alongside this comes an additional Support Inventory Slot as well!