When Will Fortnite Servers Be Back Up

when will fortnite servers be back up

Fortnite’s new chapter, Chapter 3 has just been announced and we can’t wait to see what the latest update brings! With three different biomes in store for players along with two major features that have never before appeared on Fortnite – camping mode (a la survival) as well as sliders- this season will be unlike any other. The battle pass sounds amazing too; it includes ten unique outfits from popular skins such a Drift Boy Scout outfit or an industrial ensemble perfect for those who like their battles dirty looking.. not saying you’ll look good but at least these clothes provide appropriate protection against incoming fireballs.

The sliding mechanic has been the subject of much speculation, with it being teased in a trailer that was released just two weeks ago and leaked by an insider. The hype surrounding this new addition to gtaonline’s arsenal is evident from as early at March when data miner Hypex posted about its potential appearance before anything could be confirmed or denied.

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Are the Fortnite Servers Down?

Have you been waiting for the release of a new chapter? Don’t worry, we are working hard to get it back up so that everyone can enjoy this awesome game. Here’s when our servers will be restored. The Fortnite servers ARE currently down as developers work on updating content and fixing bugs in preparation for its release next week! In other news…

When Will the Servers be Back Up?

The screen that appeared after the event has a countdown timer for when next season begins. Much like how black hole ended this Fortnite chapter 1 – The Finale, there’s no idea on downtime ending! But you can watch an official stream by Epic Games (the developer) to find out more information about it and get updates from us too while watching here or our site all throughout its duration so stay tuned as we will keep everyone updated with what happens during these server downtimes.