Fortnite Chapter 3: Who is Floating in Water in Fortnite

Floating in Water in Fortnite

The players’ attention was captured by the Fortnite Chapter 2 live event, as some new information about many things were revealed. Dr. Slone and IO experiments in an underground base with Jonsey while complicating the storyline; audiences observed that Foundation is returning to assist him who is key for Genos sisters .

The teaser for Fortnite Chapter 3 is finally here, and it looks like things are going to get serious. The player – who appears to be asleep Fortnite Floating in Water in a life preserver (or something) sees his island being torn up from underneath him with an explosion that starts fires everywhere. It’s quite shocking when this happens because we had already seen leaked teasers revealing what was coming next: inevitably flipping over onto water where there isn’t anything but waves around them! But as soon as those flames start blazing all over again after sinking below the surface., one thing becomes very clear…

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Fortnite Chapter 3: Where is the guy floating towards?

The Fortnite Chapter 2 live event directly led us into downtime and you can see a guy floating in the ocean. This isn’t just any player, he is none other than GGL05 – an upcoming Codename that was leaked by HYPEX on Twitter earlier today! The time of his arrival has been confirmed to be December 5 at 10:30 am EST/3 pm UTC which means all fans will want their eyes open as they watch him come ashore onto this new island (codenamed “GRIM” .)

At the end of floating, a shark will appear from below and reveal Chapter 3’s island teaser. Check out his tweet for more details!

The new fortnite chapter 3 battle pass was leaked, giving us a fair idea of what skins and collaborations will be heading to the latest installment. Players have also spotted Mecha Team Leader’s arm in waves reach shore as they approach land with hopes that this means we’ll finally get our hands on some big guns!

What could this mean? It seems that Epic Games has the answer for us. Considering they keep going with their Mecha Team Leader’s arm, it means something special is planned and might explain why in Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 3 teaser we’ll finally get an explanation of what all these nods from previous games are hinting at or whether there even is any significance behind them at all other than just being cool references.