Dont Starve Together Characters: Best Starting Characters For Beginners

Dont Starve Together Characters

Don’t Starve together is the new multiplayer game that has everyone talking. This sequel to Don’t starve, which was released in 2013 by Klei Entertainment Inc., features many exciting updates including playable characters and more robust graphics for online play!

Characters in Don’t Starve Together are unique, one-of-a kind individuals with their own pros and cons. Some may be easier to start playing than others but each character has its own quirks that make them quirky just like everyone else!

All this means it can be tricky trying figure out which characters would work well for beginners – there’s no simple answer here because every player is different. However, I did want you guys know some don’ts when picking your first partner.

Even in the survival-horror genre, it is very important to have a character with great stats and perks. Health can be your lifeblood if you’re relying on them for every inch of progress or fight ahead so choose wisely!

You’ll want as much Sanity (the mental equivalent) because sanity points allow one more minute before losing half their max bars–and remember there’s no rewind button; once gone past those last few hits won’t come back until morning comes around again – maybe then they might recover some lost ground…but even then not always successfully without help from other sources like medication which themselves will drain quickly over time due increased risk.

10. Wendy

Wendy, a young woman with an eerily pale face and long dark hair that trails behind her resembles something out of your worst nightmare. She’s always accompanied by the ghostly apparition of her dead sister Abigail which only serves to heighten this feeling even further as you play through Midjiwan’s terrifying world map…

A big reason why players should choose Wendy over other characters is due to how she handles herself when it comes time for combat – not too badly at all really! Her lack luster physical attacks means one does not need worry about getting worn down quickly while taking on foes in battle; however if hiding under bushes isn’t enough protection then try equipping stronger weapons or armors so they can slow them down more effectively.

9. Wickerbottom

Wickerbottom is a character that can craft five different books which, when used in-game change the player’s abilities and power. He has three types of magic: Storm Magic (providing protection), Earth Magic(ability to heal) Fireball Spellcasing; he also creates Summoning Pouches for Birds/Reindeer Pigronae with bait or dead animals like Deer Scraps – these help protect against attacks from mobs!

Wickerbottom’s sanity is so high that she doesn’t need to eat or sleep. She can recover it on the fly, just by reading her spellbook! All you have to do is find some fresh ingredients for an old lady who always has room at her table – but be careful because this vegetarian prefers stale food with no spoilage–and don’t forget about how picky these folks are when they’re hungry…

8. Webber

Arachnophobic people should avoid this one, as the character is a spider-like being with webbing abilities. Webber can grow his beard out of silk strands and also befriend spiders to easy Monster Meat or Spider Eggs without any ill effects on him – but beware that mobs will not just treat poor little Web pm differently than other characters; instead they’ll be even more aggressive towards you! Additionally he has lower maximum sanity levels so those who choose him have an increased chance at succumbing.

7. Wortox

Wortox is a character exclusive to Don’t Starve Together. This red imp can consume Souls in order regain Hunger at the cost of Sanity, making him an interesting supernatural fellow who has perks when others around him die because they’ll drop their beautiful Soul resources for collection by players like you!

Soul Gems can store a creature’s souls and restore health, so it is important to keep these gems on your person. The player will not regain many stat points from eating normal food–their best bet for recovering from an injury or illness are Soul Food items which have been blessed by Wortox himself! Most importantly though – both humans and other creatures alike hate him because he has taken away their freedom with his tyranny over them all; don’t let yourself get caught without protection if there’s any chance that they’ll realize who you reallyare under those robes…

6. Wurt

The Wurt, the Merm character is a vegetarian who gets along well with almost everyone and has great affinity for marine life. She also happens to be more aquatic than most people so when you drown she suffers fewer repercussions as opposed to those that are land-bound or air breathers like us mere fishes out here drowning in this big ol’ sea!

Wurt is a young witch who has many enemies, but she always manages to come out on top. One of Wurts weaknesses are the dead sea creatures that swim around in her home realm- without them there would be no Sanity loss for this proud character! Luckily, all other meats can still taste delicious so long as its not pork which seems like an impossible feat due do some strange reason between herself and pigs hate…

5. Wilson

Wilson is the most basic but beneficial character for players to start with. He might seem like nothing special, but Wilson requires no experience and can be controlled much easier than other characters in Don’t Starve Together – which makes him one of your best bets right off the bat! His trademarks include growing an eye-catching beard (perfect if you’re stuck!) and being a scientist by profession; these make up his onlypowers on top of being averagely talented at science stuff too.

Wilson will always have your back while exploring this strange world so don’t lose hope when things get tough or worse yet… flee? I know it sounds crazy because who would do such thing?! Well there are some lunatics out there trying their hardest not.

4. Willow

The pyro Willow is the versatile character for players who like to explore darkness. She comes equipped with her own special lighter, which allows you to light things on fire without risking damage from all those fiery obstacles in your way!

3. WX-78

WX-78 provides a useful alternative to humans when it comes time for player’s first few days on their own. The robot takes less food and doesn’t require any special items, making its existence more convenient than having the inventory space taken up with human needs like water or clothing. Plus there are no worries about getting eaten by zombies since these automatons can eat anything from gears all the way down into even rotten chunks!

The robotic character WX-78 can’t be damaged by lightning and its speed increases as a result. The player must make sure to keep him/her away from water or else he’ll suffer severe glitches in the game like other characters would with wet clothes on them. But for those who want an easy win, bring out this robotman because you won’t regret it!

2. Wormwood

Wormwood is a great addition for beginners. This plant-like being can be found in the wilderness and does not require any experience to play with; he just shows up ready to go! On top of this, Worm Moon himself has access tools like his Green Thumb Tab which allows him craft exclusive items as well as healing recipes that help out across the board – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage if having such an adorable character around:)

1. Walter

Walter is a great character to have in your party. He’s only available through online play and can be quite useful if you don’t want to run out of ammo for things like the slingshot, which he carries around with him exclusively (aside from other special items). Walter won’t decrease his sanity when facing monsters or darkness so this makes it easier than ever before!