Fortnite Chapter 3 Island: Uncover the Island Fortnite & How to Flip the Island Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Island map

The End Fortnite chapter 2 live event is over an hour ago and it concluded with a bang! The main character in the storyline, Dwayne Johnson’s performance as he plays out different scenes of being on-the-run from enemies trying to kill you.

The Cube Queen was defeated easily when she got her shield damaged by water after they flipped the island during this final moments before victory screen appears ending your game session (or play through).

The new map will be called the “flipped island” and was revealed in a trailer leak from last week’s chapter 3 battle pass. Now, Epic Games has announced that this particular type of gameplay mode is coming soon – it’ll flip your world upside down!

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Fortnite Flip Island Uncover

The official account tweeted that if you flip your world a new one will be revealed. In order to join this campaign, players need only use #FortniteFlipped in their social media profiles and posts – which I’m sure many people are already doing as they await news about the next map reveal! By uncovering it themselves with help from others who have also taken part of course (and perhaps even streaming out what happens), we’ll all get closer than ever before when Chapter Three arrives at last: stay tuned for more updates soon enough…

The Fortnite community was excited to find out that they would be getting a new update this week. 12% of the island has been uncovered, and with each percent completed on their side mission chain for discovering all locations within chapter 2 – 3 will come an additional section from what we saw at launch when Chapter 1 flipped over into New World Order territory (after completing its main quest). They are using Flip Maps as opposed to traditional Chapters because every time there’s some big event such as these particle explosions in game or other exciting moment happens then people want more!

Fortnite Chapter 3 Island Map Leaked

Fortnite Chapter 3 Island map