10 Best Fire Emblem Three Houses Characters

Fire Emblem Three Houses Characters

One of the greatest features in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is how customizable your party can be. You’ll have a chance to recruit new members before time jumps, so you must choose who’s most important and worth investing resources into for later gameplay+. There are plenty characters with unique abilities that rise above others such as Beruka or Xander – but if players want an even higher level character then they should focus on friendship levels rather than skill ranks

10 Bernadetta

Despite her shy demeanor and outright fear of social interaction, Bernadetta is a hidden gem among the Black Eagles. With the ability Persecution Complex, she’ll deal +5 damage to any enemy that attacks her if not at full health (and in endgame– That’s almost guaranteed). Best suited for ranged classes like Sniper who can attack from afar with massive damages against beasts or humans alike! Byleth should focus on raising their Strength stat as well as Bow skill first before recruiting this timid yet powerful girl into your party; She may seem quiet but don’t let it fool you: Hidden deep inside lies one mean fighter waiting.”

9 Sylvain

Sylvain is a “skirt Chaser” and Dimitri would put it. He’s the easiest character to recruit in all of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but not just because he can charm any woman with no effort at all! His gift for flirting means that if players take on female form as well they’ll notice him immediately – which isn’t such bad thing considering how great Sylvain really is when you get down into specifics about what type shoots his axe or rides into battle . With lance too? It doesn’t matter much though; even Master Classes like Horseman make sense given this guy

8 Lorenz

Finally, the best character is Lorenz. His Paralogue mission gives players a powerful relic that’s perfect for him and he has great magic skills to back up his prowess with blade or bow. Combine this along with Distinguished House ability which grants +2 damage when deploying troops in battle; you’ll have one of the toughest heroes on your side no matter what!

7 Petra

Petra is the granddaughter of a ruler from Brigid, and has been captured by Fódlan forces to get them back onto their feet. Despite these hardships she remains one if this country’s best soldiers due in part to her skill as Hunter’s Boon- granting +20% critical chance when confronting an enemy below 50%. As Petra herself points out: “The only thing wrong with me are those chains around my ankle.” To recruit such talent players should focus on Dexterity which increases chances for success even more so than other skills like Riding or Tactics would – but all three classes work well enough together!

6 Leonie

Leonie is the former apprentice of Jeralt, and it’s no surprise that she could be a powerful soldier. She specializes in several fields: bows, lances and riding skills. Leonies’ skill Rivalry grants +2 damage when next to male ally which would pair well with Sylvain’s skill – those looking for recruits will want focus on Strength or Lance as well as these two talents combined make up almost half her total arsenal!

5 Ingrid

“Ingrid is one of the female companions in Blue Lions, and she has great aspirations to become a Knight. Fortunately for Ingrid though her skill set allows her quickly advance through Soldier classes skills with ease.” “While Falcon knight may not be best class fpr Female Byleth it works out nicely since LadyKnight grants +3 might/+5 damagt when using gambit making ingrids Battalions quite powerful.”

4 Shamir

Although the Church of Seiros is a religious organization, it does have its fair share of shady characters. One such character is Shamir who can be recruited to join Byleth’s House team and provide long range combat from behind enemy lines as one their snipers – an excellent class for this position with her skills that make her better at shooting targets up close or far away! Unlike many other recruits who need specific requirements before they’re available (such as needing Strength), you’ll find them almost anytime after Chapter 7 where she joins your group around Castle…

3 Mercedes

From the Blue Lions, Mercedes is a powerhouse medic that every player needs on their team. With her natural affinity for Faith and Reason she would make an excellent bishop or greminiory! Her unique skill makes it so when healing one unit she gains back more than just HP – effectively negating any need to use another healer if you’re brave enough with this girl around. To recruit mercedes players will want focus heavily in Magic (and bows) while planning out how often your teams free days are going be…

2 Felix

If players need to quickly dispose of an enemy, Felix is the perfect unit. He’s a master swordsman with high Dexterity and Speed who excels at cutting through any foe that stands in his way – especially if they’re Classed up into either Swordmasters or Mortals Savants (assuming you have him overcome Reason). To recruit him for your army, all it takes are some points invested into speed so he can engage enemies more efficiently while also ensuring those pesky ranged units stay back where they belong!

1 Lysithea

Mercedes, the powerhouse of faith magic and Lysithea star of reason. She shines as a golden deer with her master mind skill which lets you double your combat experience for skills while also making quick progress to level ups in both Faith or Magic if players choose too but one fire emblems three houses tip is not using Nosferatu due its glass cannon fears this makes it easier on yourself by focusing only fot Magical

Three Houses is a game of strategy, and recruiting the right characters can make or break your chances. These students from Garreg Mach are worth getting in order to secure yourself against any obstacle that may come up during your journey through Three Houses’ story mode – so it’s important you take advantage!