JoJos Bizarre Adventure: 10 Powerful Characters In Stone Ocean

stone ocean Characters

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is the sixth installment of this iconic series, and it features some very unique abilities. Jolyne Cujoh must escape her prison cell after being falsely accused of murder by escaping through various areas like “The Green Dolphin Street Prison” with help from incredible people who are all trapped inside together!

There are a lot of powerful characters in Stone Ocean, but some stand out more than others. These tough and intelligent fighters combine their abilities with intelligence to make them incredibly challenging opponents for any anime fighter you can think of!

10 Sports Maxx

Maxx is a sick and sordid individual, who was imprisoned inside the Green Dolphin Street Prison. He murdered Ermes’ sister after she had seen him do something that would make anyone murder another person – disgusting! After getting put into Maxx’s cell for some time, this newbie found out about his stand Limp Bizkit (which allowed anything dead as well as invisible zombies) which could be used on those weaker than himself; turning them back alive or making them disappear from view completely until needed again later down the line…

9 Ermes Costello

Ermes Costello, a woman who was seeking revenge against the man who killed her sister met Jolyne inside Green Dolphin Street Prison and became friends. Their relationship is threatened when Sports Maxx comes to take over prison control with his new security forces in tow; but not before Ermes can show off some moves! Using stickers for everything from enemy attacks that set up traps – including one where he gets stuck on top of an exploding effigy-to luring them into believing they are surrounded by enemies all around while hiding behind cover waiting until their guard lowers…it’s time you see what this sweetheart has got under those clothes!”

8 Donatello Versus

After the introduction of three new DIO sons in Stone Ocean, versus stands out as unique and powerful. Under World is a Stand with no physical prowess so it heavily relies on fighting an opponent from afar. The ability to dig up memories deep underground can be very useful for getting through whatever has happened in your target’s past – even if they are fleeing by jumping into water or running away! And since this skill also lets you delete any loopholes within those cherished moments when trapped inside their mindscape (a digital representation) there will never be anything left except regret at how things turned out wrong.

7 Lang Rangler

Jolyne Cujoh faced a fearsome opponent in Lang Ranger. His Stand, Jumping Jack Flash allowed him to remove gravity and create perilous environments that if left unchecked could easily result in death for an individual- making this fight arduous at best! The combined efforts of Jolllynee + Weather Report eventually led them victorious as they defeated their enemies with skillful tactics

6 Foo Fighters

From being a minor antagonist to saving Jolyne’s life, Foo Fighters are now one of the most important characters in her story. They’re actually an entire colony living inside another person’s body! Not only can they heal others’ wounds but also have access into their memories through infiltration abilities that not many people know about yet – which means there will be plenty surprises left when you meet them later on!

5 Anasui

Narciso Anasui is considered by many to be a dangerous person, but he changed the moment he met Jolyne. He fell in love with her and wanted marry her; when she left prison their relationship quickly progressed from friend-like towards romantic feelings that Narcisio never expected or anticipated back then because men like him are not supposed to fall for women like ‘Jolupene’.

A few weeks ago (and now), following his usual barhopping routine while waiting out another temporary stay at home without much work due today..Narcisco found himself running into someone who made all these other people seem dull by comparison–a beautiful young woman wearing something spiky…

4 Jolyne Cujoh

Jolyne x1,000. The best female anime protagonist of all time and one tough cookie to boot! Jolyne has won over the majority of Jojo fans with her incredible charisma which is only outshone by how well-versed she becomes in using stands – even if they’re close range like Stone Free (which makes sense since its power relies pretty heavily on distance). And while we wouldn’t call herself a fighter per se; there were moments where we saw just what kind or talent can do when needed most: expert unarmed combat skills? Knocking someone right off their feet without touching them at all??

3 Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo is the main protagonist of Stardust Crusaders, and he has appeared in multiple Jojo parts. He had a pivotal role to play in Stonewona as it was due to his memories that Pucci would be able turn Whitesnake into Made In Heaven.

In Part 6, Jolyne’s journey finally came full circle when they faced their most powerful enemy yet-Pucci! Despite being badly outmatched by this new foe who could control time with nothing but sunlight at hand;she Somehow managed prevail against all odds thanks largely down two things: One Being The Power Of Trusting Herself And Two Using Whatever Weapon Was Available.

2 Weather Report

Weather Report is an intriguing character due to his past. It’s only after the readers find out that he had a twin, Enrico Pucci did they realize how different Weather can be from one moment-to-the next. Before getting his memories back though; their friend was very kind and caring towards friends – but when gaining all new ones again changed him into something else entirely! His Stand also goes by “Weather” which allows its users power over weather patterns in various areas of landmasss… But it didn’t stop there for this mysterious man: with help from Heavy Weather (one strong anime ability).

1 Enrico Pucci

Enrico Pucci is the main antagonist of Stone Ocean. He was heavily influenced by DIO, and he learned a lot about stands under his tutelage. After stealing Jotaro’s memory disc in order to learn more about Joseph confidant empowered through time stopping abilities; Enrico created Made In Heaven – one such incredible power that only grows stronger with every counter against it until finally evolving into One Of The Strongest Stands In Series History: White Snakes.

After developing this new super stand and learning everything there was for him (or her?)- even if some things were lost forever like Testament or whatever else might come back again at any moment before moving onto bigger.