Far Cry 6 Weapons List, Locations, Guns & More

Far Cry 6 Weapons List

This list of the best weapons in Far Cry 6 will help you to shape challenges and conquer Castle. The right guns can form whole new opportunities for players, but be aware that not all are available from start! For example; some great finds include a shotgun at Tier 2 Outpost (Southwest territory), automatic rifle found inside Guard Tower – also Southwest Territory-, tier two weapon store near town square area downtown Rook Island or silenced pistol which may come by default when buying your first gun after level 3+.

Best Far Cry 6 weapons and guns

You may have heard that there are plenty of weapons in Far Cry 6, but you’re not going to find them just by walking around. Instead the best way for players is through military chests or rewards obtained from Bandidos members who wander around and loot bodies (and sometimes sell their goods). Here’s our list with locations included!

It’ll be tough choosing which gun setup works out better: one based on what type they start off with; if managing more than two weapon slots isn’t an issue then adding some extra firepower might help against larger groups…or maybe taking someone else along will allow me access certain areas quicker because I know how important teamwork can get when things go south fast.

Best Far Cry 6 pistols


The Autocrat pistol is a unique item that can be found incredibly early in the game, and it essentially upgrades any pistols you’ll have come across. Better damage? Check! Accurate shotting capabilities? Duh-Corpus Callidus Lebenesis Affinity White Noise Sight.

You can find it in the basement underneath of Fort Quito, beneath a chain-link fence. The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s an enclosure with some pallets leaning against it – Smash them all to get access into this hidden chest!

Rococo Loco

The Rococo Loco is a small SMG that packs quite the punch. With so much ammo and an unrivaled rate of fire, it’s no wonder this weapon became such a favorite among early enemies as they spray death everywhere ahead with ease! The Benito Bang-Bang mission rewards you for finding their starting point at any major Guerrilla camp; simply play through until endgame to obtain yours today before someone else does first…


The AJM-9 is a staggering weapon, which has been made available only by those who bought the Season Pass and got bundled with Blood Dragon. A cyberpunk pistol designed after Robocop’s! This gun packs fantastic damage as well as accuracy–coming complete range of fire capacity for any situation you may find yourself in during gameplay hours into completion mission “The Guerilla”, about 2 at most depending on how long it takes to finish said objective from start playing time spent thereon out.

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Best Far Cry 6 SMGs


The MP40 is a sturdy, solid SMG that has the ability to be used from either hip or down sights. It’s an excellent choice for close-ranged combat as it controls well in more confined spaces with little room between you and your opponent which makes this weapon excel at medium range fights too! When faced against enemies who are much bigger than yourself try staying on their flank where they’re not expecting you so fierce firepower can do some serious damage before getting cutoff by armor if needbe – just make sure no one notices because nobody likes having other people kill them while trying their hardest…right? Who knows how long something like THAT would take anyways?! You’ll find all these factors accounted when playing around.

Best Far Cry 6 rifles


The AK-M is a solid, workaday rifle that’s the natural next step from its starting weapons. It has decent control and can serve you well in mid to close range combat roles without any fancy features but will still be able to fulfill your needs as needed with ease of use being on par or better than some more expensive rifles out there. On top of all this great functionality comes at quite an affordable price – only 900 Yaran Pesos!

AR-C Rifle

The gut-wrenching AR-C is one of the best rifles you can get near the start. With its compensator to reign in recoil, Gut Wrencher mod that boosts body shot damage by 2x with ammo choice and sights–it’s fast rate fire will absolutely mince enemies! While it may be found inside military controlled zones like Guerilla Garrison (building required), there are two guaranteed ways for getting this bad boy: first buy better weapons from Juan or win at gambling mini games where they appear as prizes.

Viva Libertad

The Viva Libertad is a unique weapon based on the FAL rifle. It has good control and accuracy, which is perfect for its special ability- headshots charge up your Supremo at an increased rate than standard kills do! By being more careful you can effectively use all of those ultimate abilities before they run out ( missiles strikes included). The best place to find this gun in game would be North West from Quito Bay Blockade building near lighthouse; it can also spawn southwards towards Cayos peru peninsula if not found there already.

Best Far Cry 6 sniper rifles

.308 Carbine

The Carbine is a sniper rifle that early players should immediately head for. It’s not the best out there, but with just one mod it can be made into an excellent and reliable mid-to late game weapon; great if you’re looking to pick off minor enemies from afar! Can be bought at Juan’s Arms Dealer in Calzadilla Costeno for 1100 Yaran Pesos.

The carbine may seem like an unnecessary purchase when starting your adventure – after all there are plenty of other alternatives available right? Wrong answer my friend because this particular firearm has some distinct advantages over others which make it worth considering before buying anything else…


The SVD is a step-up enhancement for Carbines, with better range and rate of fire. It’s worth getting to replace your Guerilla Garrison once you have it so don’t wait too long! You can find military crates in restricted areas but if not after upgrading the garrison there are dealers who sell them as well

Best Far Cry 6 shotguns


The Humidora is a surprisingly powerful weapon for something you can find in the first Isla Santuario region. Head to the south east coast and look for Punto Este Lighthouse, located at Corto Cay; this lighthouse will reveal an item that’s sure to make your enemies miserable–the shotgun fires incendiary shells which leave fire behind as they travel toward their target (even if fired from far away). It may not hit every time but when it does set everything on fire? Suffering becomes total!


The M133 is the perfect shotgun for those who want something a little more traditional. It’s heavy, solid impact can take down whatever gets in your way with ease and it does what you’d expect from any good gun- blown holes galore when close up encounters are concerned! You’ll find this weapon at Castillo Senorial Tobacco Plantation located in East Costa del Mar during La Espada mission where she loads her own chest before setting out on an adventure to save Ponce City taxpayers money by cutting taxes across all businesses within The Dales district.


The SPAS-12 is a fantastic shotgun that’ll get the job done before you enter full auto chaos. With amazing range and accuracy (especially when using Shell ammo), it’s one shot kill almost anything in its path with ease! You can buy these from dealers once your Garrison upgrades enough or find them hidden around town as part of Passing The Torch treasure hunt right at center Sierra Perdida El este – but be sure not to miss this great weapon if possible

Best Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

El Susurro (nail gun)

The El Susurro is a stealthy killer’s best friend, effectively putting holes in enemies without breaking the silence. This Resolver can be bought early from Juan’s Weapons once you hit Rank 3 and spend 100 Depleted Uranium for it as long as it doesn’t overheat during use (which won’t).

The following passage details some features about one particular weapon: “El susuruero es una pistola silenciosa que no debiera preocuparte si uses en escena,” which translates to “the [susuabero’s] silent pistol shouldn’t worry if used inside.”

El Muro (shotgun/shield)

The El Muro is a shotgun for tanks and aggressive players, with the ability to shoot holes in enemies while also offering some protection by carrying an automatic shield. It can be bought off Juan’s Weapons at Rank 3; however you may want to buy it sooner if possible!

The gunslinger must beware – this gun doesn’t mess around when dealing damage output wise but has one major downside: its close quarters combat capabilities are severely limited without giving up your space between yourself and whatever enemy might come charging towards you first (or just waiting nearby).

La Varita (X-ray rifle)

La Varita is a powerful semi-automatic rifle that can handle whatever you throw at it. However, when paired with Triador Supremo the two rifles are even more deadly! The special effect of this weapon allows users to see enemies through walls and shoot their way out without ever raising up–to snipe from cover or just keep firing while hidden behind obstacles until an enemy exposes himself.

Find all the Far Cry 6 Triada Blessings Relics to get La Varita and the Triador as rewards. If you haven’t started yet, head over here for a guide on how!

Best Far Cry 6 bows

El Capirote

The El Capirote bow is an excellent choice for any Hunter looking to hunt early on. It does bonus damage to animals, but its stats are already absurdly good and you can get it at Guerilla Camps with increased range over the standard models in store! Just head there before building your own lodge-you’re sure not going want this amazing weapon later when there isn’t space left on your shelf!