Far Cry 6 Secret Ending Complete Guide

Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

The Far Cry 6 series has always had an ending at the start, but now players can easily miss it thanks to a new secret. This time around there are actually two endings available for all intents and purposes – one immediately after starting up your copy of game on release day or right then if you pre-ordered from PlayStation Store (also applicable later). The other comes once you’ve collected every single collectible token throughout various chapters over course of playtime; this involves exploring different areas looking specifically out for treasure chests containing relevant items like photo cards showing off locations where secrets were found!

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Get the Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Far Cry game is that it doesn’t have a secret ending like previous titles. In order to access this unconventional feature, players must play through at least two hours worth of side missions after escaping from Vaas and arriving on Rook Island in Chapter 1 – with only four main story quests available as well! These include Juan Of A Kind (which can be done early), Du or Die!, Fire And Fury Fuel The Revolution Libertad Rising..

The last mission is quite simple to miss, but it’s also an important moment in the game. When you reach this part of your journey with Clara she will give up on her plan for revolution and take off back towards San Juan Diego Bay while giving you some history about herself as well as telling how joining la revolution has affected personal relationships forevermore.

That final battle between yourself against two large ships can easily slip by without being noticed if one does not pay close enough attention during playtime – which would then leave them wondering what exactly happened afterwords once all cutscenes were done playing out? Well luckily-or unluckily depending upon.

For most of the game’s opening, Dani has made it clear that they just want to get into a boat and head towards America. At this point in time you can do just that – hop aboard your small vessel or find one from around town if possible! Once on-board keep going until she says “Not my fight” then fade out with black screen as usual..

The game will then cut to ‘three months later’ and show Dani sitting on a beach listening to an unfolding news report about how President Castillio has killed Clara. The credits roll, putting your character’s fate in motion – did you manage the final straw for this revolution? Or are their more symbolicists out there still fighting against all odds despite recent setbacks…?

You can either end things here when they’re finally over with or take what time remaining gets right into that menu screen where everything unfolds again before returning back.