How to Find Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits

Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits

The best way to find industrial circuits in far cry 6 is by crafting them, but it’s not easy since they’re used for making powerful upgrades. The only problem with this process though? You need an advanced weapon mod kit which costs Hundreds of dollars!

The Far Cry 6 industrial circuit locations, and how you can find as many as possible early. The grim reality is that even the easiest one will take some work! And those silenced sniper rifles? Well aren’t they fun…

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Far Cry 6 industrial circuits locations

In Far Cry 6, there are three different ways of obtaining industrial circuits. The first way is by completing missions and gaining rewards that can be used to purchase specific items from vendors – these merchants offer a variety for both money and goods but they’re only found in one location at a time which makes them difficult to get if you don’t know where it’s located or how much currency an individual mission might require.

The second method would involve crafting something yourself through blueprints given during conversations with certain characters; while not available anywhere outside your campfire moments, this presents another avenue by which players may make progress towards their ultimate goal (which I will now spoil).

As a Reward for Bandidos Missions

Bandidos operations have a small chance of offering industrial circuits as random rewards. The player should keep an eye out for these both when they are being offered in main orders and what’s given after completing minor tasks at an operation completion.

Bought from Lola with Moneda

Lola knows how to get the party started. Earn her special currency, Moneda by completing missions she offers you then spend it on industrial circuits or other items that will help your progression through Guerilla Camps! Don’t have any friends? You can play Lola’s co-op campaign solo in order for rewards too bootstrapping!

Sell Alpha Meat

Alpha animals can be found all over the map and any merchant will buy your industrial circuits for alpha meat. You need to have built or upgraded Hunter’s Lodge so you get access to animal anatomy guide, but there is no way of knowing where these creatures might show up next!

Far Cry 6 industrial circuits crafting uses

In Far Cry 6, industrial circuits are used to make the best upgrades for weapons and Supremos. These powerful items require an awful lot of these chips in order be crafted successfully so you’ll have better luck if your inventory is full when it comes time for crafting! They can only go up from here though – don’t think about wasting them willy-nilly or treating them like disposable ammunition because they aren’t going anywhere any time soon either way…

The use of Industrial Circuits has been a long standing tradition since their introduction into gaming back with SSX on Playstation 2 where players had access not just one but two types which were dependent upon snowy environments: Winter Olympic Games Circuit Gate Keys & Skiers respectively while Summer Time.