Far Cry 6 length Complete Guide: How Much Time it takes to finish

Far Cry 6 length

The Far Cry 6 main mission is totally jam-packed with stuff to do, so it’s impossible fit everything in one guide. But we’ll try anyway! The first thing you should know about the length of your journey through this game: there really isn’t one answer because things like fishing and hunting require different amounts of time for completion depending on whether or not they’re partaken while traveling by foot (which takes longer), car/boat (less).

We’ve found that when playing solo as well as multiplayer missions; most players average 2 hours per day split between exploring villages & towns along Rook Island Map area surrounding pop up points during free roam OR tackling side adventures like treasure hunts which offer bountiful rewards.

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How long is Far Cry 6, time, length and more

The game’s open world will take you on an epic journey where the choices are yours. Although it can be played in any order, doing so could affect how long your experience lasts and what content is available for completion at certain points throughout playtime – but don’t worry! You’ll still get about 40+ hours worth of gameplay with this approach; let me tell ya: I’ve done some crazy things while exploring FC6 (and also experienced other endings).

I’ve been playing a lot of side stuff, juggling multiple story threads at once and clearing out all my lower level missions before pushing on. I’m about 30+ hours in right now with nowhere near the end yet because there are still so many places to explore! All this time spent is also only after taking down one of the main bad guys which leaves half my map unexplored; that means if you add up how much total playtime will be gained from treasure hunts or bases along with hunting/race distractions–I could easily hit 50-60 hours without touching any racing game modes for Christ’s sake!!

I’m not sure how many hours you’d have to spend playing the game if your sole purpose was level grinding, but it would be in excess of 100.