Stweie2k CS:GO Settings

Stweie2k is a North American professional and best player of the counter-strike: global offensive player. His real name is Jacky yip. He started playing this game in 2014, and still, he plays this game with the same aggressiveness. He is a rifler of his team and earned and more significant fan base because of his skills. He is a twitch streamer but does not frequently stream on He is also a You Tuber and has 200k subscribers.


He is a member of the team liquid and also the leader of the team. This team is a world #2 ranked team in world sand. He and his rifler skills are the main reason for this. He joined many teams before joining this team like SK gamin, MIBR, and then he was part of the team Clod9.

When he was in this, he was the best player in this team, but he soon left cloud9 for some reason. He is a rifler in this team liquid and doing his best in his team.

Setup of stewie2k

He is a good player in this game, so his setup is what most people look for; his setup includes monitor BENQ XL2546 which is the most frequently used monitor by most of the gamers and is recommended by them because of its amazing features.

He uses a wired mouse i.e., LOGITECH G203 WHITE it has a faster response than a standard mouse. This is one of the most favorite mice of gamers. Along with this mouse, the mouse pad he uses is STEELSERIES QCK+, a smooth surface for control of the mouse and a good rubber base grip.

HYPERX ALLOY FPS is the keyboard he uses, is considered best for FPS gamers because of its fast response and control of keys. The gaming headset he uses is HyperX Cloud II, which gives comfort in transferring quality audio and passive noise-canceling features.


He is one of the best riflers of this game, and his skills are insane, so the beginner player of CS: GO wonders about his setup and in-game settings that he customizes before starting the game. These settings include mouse sensitivity, video settings, crosshair, view model, and config. beginner players follow his settings to reach his level in gaming.