10 Best Roblox Car Games

10 Best Roblox Car Games

Roblox car games can vary greatly in terms of quality and gameplay. Some players may enjoy the challenge and excitement of racing against others in fast-paced car games, while others may prefer the more relaxed and exploration-based gameplay of driving games. Ultimately, it depends on the individual player’s preferences as to what makes a good Roblox car game.

1. Mad City

Mad City

The objective of the Mad City game is to complete various missions in order to earn money and experience. The game features a large open world, with a variety of different vehicles and weapons to use. The player can also customize their vehicle, and there is a wide variety of different upgrades and modifications that can be made.

The game is played from a third-person perspective, and the player has the ability to control their vehicle using the WASD keys. The player can also use the mouse to control the camera. It features a wide variety of different missions, which can be completed in any order.

The player can also choose to work for different factions, and there is a variety of different rewards that can be earned for completing missions. The game is free to play, and there is no subscription required. There is also no need to download any additional software. It is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2. Speed Run

Speed Run

Created by the user “Aesthetical”, this Roblox car game has been played by millions of users and continues to be one of the most popular games on the platform. In Speed Run, players must navigate their cars through a series of obstacle-filled courses as quickly as possible. The game features a variety of different cars to choose from, as well as a variety of different tracks to race on.

Speed Run is a great game for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, there’s a track and a car that’s right for you. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start racing!

3. Boat Battle

Boat Battle

In this game, players can battle against each other in boats. The objective of the game is to be the last player standing. Players can use a variety of weapons and items to destroy their opponents’ boats.

Here are some tips and tricks for Boat Battle:

  • – Use cover to protect yourself from enemy fire.
  • – Use explosives to destroy multiple boats at once.
  • – Use power-ups to give yourself an advantage.
  • – Use the boost to make your boat go faster.
  • – Use the grapple to pull enemy boats closer to you.
  • – Use the jump to avoid enemy fire.

4. Car Crushers

Car Crushers

It is unique in that it features a number of different vehicles to drive and destroy. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the player must scavenge for parts to build their own car. The objective of the Car Crushers game is to find and collect as many parts as possible to build the best car possible. The game is played in a first-person perspective and the player must use their car to destroy other vehicles in order to scavenge for parts. It is split into a number of different levels, each with its own objective. The player must complete the objective in order to progress to the next level. It is available to play for free on the Roblox website.

5. Jailbreak


The objective of the game is to be the first player to escape from jail. There are several ways to escape from jail, but the most common method is to drive a car through the jail walls. Jailbreak is not a very difficult game to play, but there are some tips and tricks that can help you escape from jail more quickly. Here are some of the best tips for playing Jailbreak:

  • The first tip for playing Jailbreak is to use a fast car. A fast car will help you escape from jail more quickly. There are several different types of cars that you can choose from in the game, so be sure to choose one that is fast.
  • Another tip for playing Jailbreak is to upgrade your car. You can upgrade your car by buying car parts from the game store. The more car parts you have, the faster your car will be.
  • A third tip for playing Jailbreak is to drive through shortcuts. There are several shortcuts that you can take in the game. These shortcuts will help you escape from jail more quickly.

6. Extreme Off-Road Cars

Extreme Off-Road Cars

There are a variety of cars to choose from and they all have different abilities. They are all very powerful and can make it through any terrain. There are two ways to get Off-Road Cars. The first way is to buy them from the Roblox store. The second way is to win them in competitions. The goal is to get to the finish line as fast as possible. There are a lot of obstacles in the way, but if you use the right car, you should be able to make it through.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a car. There are a lot of different cars to choose from. You can choose from sports cars, off-road cars, or even electric cars. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Once you have chosen a car, you need to learn how to control it. The controls are very simple. You just need to use the arrow keys to move forward and backward. You can also use the spacebar to break. Once you have learned how to control the car, you need to start racing. There are a lot of different tracks to choose from.

7. Dunnies Race

Dunnies Race

It is similar to the classic American racing games that have been around for decades. The game is set in a cartoonish world, where players have to race against each other using their bunny-themed cars. It is simple to play and quite addictive. Players can use their cars to jump, boost, and flip their way to the finish line. This is a multiplayer game, so players can race against each other in real-time.

Dunnies Race is a very popular game on Roblox. Over two million players have played the game, and it has a rating of 4.2. The game is developed by GreenAlliance. It was released on February 16, 2021. The game is available on PC, Mac, and Linux. It is also available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is not yet available for Nintendo Switch. The game is free to play. However, there are in-game purchases that players can make.

The game has two kinds of currency: coins and rubies. Coins can be used to upgrade cars, while rubies can be used to buy new cars. There are also in-game items that players can buy. These items can be used to customize cars.

8. Monster Trucks


The objective of the game is to drive your truck as fast as possible and reach the finish line before the other players. There are several different tracks to choose from, and each one has its own unique challenges. If you want to win, you’ll need to be the fastest and most skilled driver on the track. Watch out for the other players, though, as they’ll be trying to do the same thing. Be the first to the finish line and you’ll be the ultimate champion of Roblox Monster Trucks.

9. Trains and Cars

Trains and Cars

It was created on February 19, 2009, by the user Turret 3333. The Trains and Cars game has been played over 1.6 billion times. The objective of the game is to drive a car and collect coins. The game features different types of cars and tracks.

There are two main modes in the game:

  • Race Mode: In this mode, the player can compete against other players to see who can collect the most coins in a certain amount of time.
  • Coins Mode: In this mode, the player tries to collect as many coins as possible.

10. Supercar City

Supercar City

The goal of the game is to collect as many cars as possible and become the ultimate car collector! There are a variety of different cars to collect, ranging from sporty cars to luxury cars. There are also a variety of different tracks to race on, each with its own unique challenges. Supercar City is a great game for car lovers of all ages. It’s easy to pick up and play, and there’s a lot of replay value thanks to a large number of cars and trucks to collect.