What is the Means of CNP in Roblox

When you are playing games in Roblox and then, there may be some terms or certain words that you do not understand. Well usually in a game world there’s always an acronym for something important so we’ll go over what CNP stands for!

The Meaning of CNP in Roblox

On Roblox, CNP or Copy and Paste is a derogatory term which describes an aesthetic trend of female avatars heavily influenced by contemporary hip hop culture. The word itself comes from two or more characters who adhere to this style in order appear almost indistinguishable from one another as if they were copied together with their outfits being similar enough so that it’s hard telling where one ends and another begins – also known at “copies.” This slang has only been seen within ROBLOX games but not outside them making its meaning uniquely specific there while still applicable everywhere else!

There are a few additional phrases in Roblox that you should be aware of to avoid any misunderstandings.
The terms are available to read below.


This single dot is able to express a lot of different things. It can be used for disappointment, shock and more! Sometimes the person uses this symbol in order not say what they were going say before because it would’ve been too rude or something you didn’t want repeated back at ya’.


This term means accept or counter. This is usually used in trading to request that someone accepts or counters the trade, and also to tell someone that they will make an offer on a stock..


This is a term used in trading to mean “accept/decline” or “agree/disagree”, which means yes/no.


Bad Alien! This term was popular to use during TNL Twitch live streams, since a Roblox administrator called Alan “Alien” instead.

Banned forever

People usually refer to this as “deleting your Roblox account”. It was popularized by Youtuber named Faave.


This abbreviation means Brickbattle.


This term refers to limited items that are stolen from an account.


This term means that if a player has been killed or defeated by another player.


Robux is a misspelling of Roblox where it originated from the CallMeCarson Discord cult. This term often satirizes the value of gaming microtransactions in general, whereas this typically takes place on platforms such as Roblox and YouTube Gaming.


This term is also the same earlier misspelling of Robux that became memetic over time, even though entirely based on the typo rather than having any sort of commentary. This term was created by Flamingo when there was a player who misspelled “robux” while they were begging in a group wall/ game.

Boosted ape

In this case, the term is used to describe players who are powerful as a result of their friends ‘boosting them up’.

Boot boy

The majority of gamers who participate in military-related roleplay groups are men. They use avatars with clothing and accessories that seem like they’ve been pulled straight out from a soldier’s closet, as well faces befitting someone on duty – serious or stoic.


This term is used in reference to any asset that would otherwise violate the Community Rules but manages to get past initial moderation screening or chat filters.


This is a form of hacked Roblox account, and it is more commonly known as PGed or Beamed.

Dev Hunt

Egg Hunts are a great way to find developers who need jobs. The event is organized in multiple locations and the goal for each location is maximize profit from it’s occurrence by hiring as many potential employees possible!

Fat legs

While the trend remains a controversial one, some people are taking to it as an opportunity to troll. Others have taken refuge in irony- a term that is used typically when something has both negative and positive connotations or identities.

Get noob/ get noobed

This phrase is a playful memetic expression. It’s popularized by Roblox Youtuber Flamingo and is often said by players when they win a game on their platform..

Ice arms/ legs/ limbs

This term was only used to describe the avatar trend where it equips arms and legs in Frost Guard General with Robloxian 2.0 and Superhero packages. However, this terminology has fallen out of style a lot recently as of 2019 because the trend is no longer popular among young people anymore.


This filter bypass is referred to as a kill stealer because in player vs. player games, it refers to players that wait for the deaths of their opponents and then try and take their kills so they can score points for themselves. This term could also be used in reference to someone who tries to kiss somebody without permission- you might say “someone’s trying me” or “I’m being kissed.”.


Love is an abbreviation for a filter bypass. This is also short for levels in games with level systems.


This abbreviation is short for levels in games which have a level system.


It is often used in online games, trading communities and real life. The item that isn’t for trade can be identified because it will have a “For Sale” sign on them.