Vanilla Tweaks 1.18 Complete Guide

Minecraft is very popular with many people of all ages. There are various mods that you can use in Minecraft and each could have its own features, making it different from the other creators.

One of the biggest breakthroughs within Minecraft is the Vanilla Tweaks mod. It’s like a dream come true for many players, as it means they can change things to make their game experience even more enjoyable. Not only is the Vanilla Tweaks mod incredibly popular, but also used by many people as well.

How Does Vanilla Tweaks Work?

Tweaks is a Minecraft mod through which you can enhance the vanilla without going overboard. This mod is totally designed to help the users and make their experience unique.

At Vanilla Tweaks we believe in making a game look and feel great. We do not like to change the entire game but instead focus on subtle changes to make the default experience better.

The configurable features range from how it is able to be enchanted and zoomed in, either with the GUI accessible from the mods menu or also just in game.

The Vanilla Tweaks mod is also suggested to remove your config file every time updates are made. Then, the configuration options may have changed as well. This will make it easier for you to configure this mod with relative ease.

What’s in the Vanilla Tweaks Mod?

There are at least three variations you can choose in Vanilla Tweaks including resource packs, datapacks and craftingtweaks. All of them are what you can use to enhance your Minecraft world.

Resource Packs

The Resource Packs are something about textures and sounds. You are able to change your crosshair or choose a new selelction screen background through the Resource Pack. The Resource Pack is finished while Minecraft 11 has been released.