Moltres Pokemon Go Moveset, Stats, Counters & Raid Counters

Moltres Pokemon Go
(Image credit: Niantic )

Pokémon GO players rejoice! There’s a new Pokémon in town and it is sure to get you excited. This Fire-Flying type, with stats comparable to those found on Pikachu or Charizard (respectively 251 ATK 181 DEF 207 STA), can be caught at level 20+. It also has an impressive CP rating of 3917 which makes this little bunch suitable for any trainer looking ahead towards their next Gym battle–unless they’re up against Electric types like Raikou which would take down Moltres before even reaching 1/10th HP left due its vulnerability Cassandra despite not being weak versus Water flooding.

Team Valor really lucked out with this update, because Niantic has graciously spared them the embarrassment of putting Moltres in a gym. The Fire Bird would have been utterly humiliated by Golem and Exeggutor who are both proving to be quite dominant against most legendaries- so it’s worth keeping an eye on these fighting types!

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Moltres Stats

  • Max CP: 3917
  • Attack: 251
  • Defense: 181
  • Stamina: 207
  • Generation: Generation 1
  • Category: Legendary
  • Base Flee Rate: 10%
  • Buddy Distance: 20 km
  • Pokédex Height: 2.0 m
  • Pokédex Weight: 60.0 kg
  • Can be put in a gym?: No
  • Can be transfered?: Yes
  • Stardust cost for Second Charge move: 100000
  • Candy cost for Second Charge move: 100

Moltres Best Moveset

Moltres is one of the strongest Pokémon in-game, but he also has vulnerabilities that can be exploited. His Fire Spin and Sky Attack combination deal high damage with accurate accuracy at a distance while being weak to rocks; this set works great against Grass types like Ivysaur or Venusaur because they’re susceptible too doubled weakness from these movesets. Other Water type opponents should beware though–Moltexff doesn’t take kindly to Electric attacks coming his way either!

Quick Moves

  • Fire Spin

Charge Moves

  • Overheat
  • Fire Blast
  • Heat Wave

Combat Power as a Raid Boss

Tier 1 9121
Tier 2 15799
Tier 3 22344
Tier 4 35328
Tier 5 45609
Tier 5+ 55860

Moltres Pokemon Go Raider

Like Articuno, Moltres doesn’t have any useful matchups against Tier 3 raid bosses. But it does have one redeeming use: if you are fighting Venusaur (or Blastoise) in an earlier stage of the game and they both Proc their respective movesets on different turns–Molteres’ fire type will deal higher damage output than Charizard because his attacks hit 2-3 times per round!

In addition to having a much better version of its predecessor from Gen I & II—with higher effective health bar versus enemies; greater average DPS numbers across all three stages.

Moltres has an interesting relationship with Lapras. Fire types have some use here, because they resist Ice and Normal attacks are Super Effective against the Electric type Pokemon; however Moltres itself is Flying so it takes Neutral damage fromWater-type moves (which can be problematic). Despite these drawbacks though there’s no doubt that this Dragonite based on its high DPS score will cause trouble for even tanky Water pokemon like Blissey or Politoed!

Moltres Raid Counters

Moltres is a Fire/Flying type Pokémon, which makes it especially weak against Rock moves, and weak against Water and Electric moves.

5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Moltres:

  • Rampardos
  • Rhyperior
  • Terrakion
  • Landorus (Therian)
  • Tyranitar
Pokémon Quick move Main move Effective
Rampardos Smack Down Rock Slide 100%
Rhyperior Smack Down Rock Wrecker 90%
Terrakion Smack Down Rock Slide 88%
Landorus (Therian) Rock Throw Rock Slide 85%
Landorus (Therian) Rock Throw Stone Edge 82%
Aerodactyl Rock Throw Rock Slide 80%
Stonjourner Rock Throw Rock Slide 80%
Rhyperior Smack Down Stone Edge 80%
Landorus (Incarnate) Rock Throw Rock Slide 78%
Gigalith Smack Down Rock Slide 78%
Stonjourner Rock Throw Stone Edge 78%
Rampardos Smack Down Outrage 77%
Rampardos Smack Down Flamethrower 77%
Gigalith Smack Down Stone Edge 76%
Omastar Rock Throw Rock Slide 76%
Golem (Alola Form) Rock Throw Stone Edge 74%
Golem Rock Throw Stone Edge 74%
Aerodactyl Rock Throw Ancient Power 72%
Archeops Wing Attack Ancient Power 71%
Golem Rock Throw Rock Blast 71%
Golem (Alola Form) Rock Throw Rock Blast 71%
Rampardos Zen Headbutt Rock Slide 70%
Diancie Rock Throw Rock Slide 69%
Omastar Rock Throw Rock Blast 69%
Golem Rock Throw Ancient Power 69%
Rhyperior Smack Down Surf 69%
Terrakion Smack Down Close Combat 68%
Terrakion Smack Down Sacred Sword 68%
Terrakion Smack Down Earthquake 68%
Omastar Rock Throw Ancient Power 68%
Diancie Rock Throw Power Gem 67%
Aggron Smack Down Stone Edge 67%
Golem (Alola Form) Rock Throw Wild Charge 67%
Tyranitar Smack Down Frustration 66%
Tyranitar Smack Down Return 66%
Lunatone Rock Throw Rock Slide 66%
Solrock Rock Throw Rock Slide 66%
Crustle Smack Down Rock Slide 65%
Omastar Rock Throw Hydro Pump 65%
Thundurus (Therian) Thunder Shock Thunderbolt 64%
Carracosta Rock Throw Ancient Power 64%
Rhyperior Smack Down Earthquake 64%
Rhyperior Smack Down Return 64%
Rhyperior Smack Down Superpower 64%
Rhyperior Smack Down Frustration 64%
Rhyperior Smack Down Skull Bash 64%
Regirock Rock Throw Stone Edge 64%
Thundurus (Therian) Volt Switch Thunderbolt 63%
Zekrom Charge Beam Wild Charge 63%
Landorus (Therian) Rock Throw Earth Power 63%
Landorus (Therian) Rock Throw Focus Blast 63%
Landorus (Therian) Rock Throw Earthquake 63%
Landorus (Therian) Rock Throw Superpower 63%
Landorus (Therian) Rock Throw Outrage 63%
Landorus (Therian) Rock Throw Bulldoze 63%
Rhyperior Mud-Slap Rock Wrecker 63%
Sudowoodo Rock Throw Rock Slide 62%
Landorus (Therian) Extrasensory Rock Slide 62%
Crustle Smack Down Rock Blast 62%
Deoxys (Attack) Zen Headbutt Zap Cannon 62%
Boldore Smack Down Rock Slide 62%
Terrakion Zen Headbutt Rock Slide 62%
Kyurem (White) Dragon Breath Ancient Power 62%
Hippowdon Thunder Fang Weather Ball 62%
Kingler Bubble Crabhammer 61%
Graveler Rock Throw Rock Slide 61%
Deoxys (Attack) Poison Jab Zap Cannon 61%
Carracosta Rock Throw Surf 60%
Landorus (Therian) Mud Shot Rock Slide 60%
Deoxys (Normal) Charge Beam Thunderbolt 60%
Omastar Water Gun Rock Slide 60%
Sudowoodo Rock Throw Stone Edge 60%
Gigalith Smack Down Superpower 60%
Gigalith Smack Down Solar Beam 60%
Gigalith Smack Down Heavy Slam 60%
Boldore Smack Down Stone Edge 60%
Zacian (Crowned Sword) Snarl Wild Charge 60%
Aerodactyl Rock Throw Return 59%
Aerodactyl Rock Throw Hyper Beam 59%
Stonjourner Rock Throw Stomp 59%
Aerodactyl Rock Throw Frustration 59%
Aerodactyl Rock Throw Earth Power 59%
Aerodactyl Rock Throw Iron Head 59%
Zapdos Thunder Shock Ancient Power 59%
Graveler (Alola Form) Rock Throw Stone Edge 59%
Graveler Rock Throw Stone Edge 59%
Rayquaza Dragon Tail Ancient Power 59%
Kyogre Waterfall Hydro Pump 59%
Zacian (Crowned Sword) Quick Attack Wild Charge 59%
Kyogre Waterfall Surf 58%
Kyurem (Black) Dragon Tail Stone Edge 58%