What is the Victory Crown in Fortnite

Victory Crown in Fortnite
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite’s third chapter kicked off yesterday with a new map and cool cosmetics that players will work toward unlocking throughout the season. From Spider-Man to somePrimal skins, there are so many options for what you want as your next unlock!

A Victory Crown is awarded to players who have completed all three chapters of a season and are considered the ultimate survivors. The crown stands out, making these individuals notable amongst their peers.

The Victory Crown only gets awarded to players who survive until the later stages of classic battle royale mode matches. If you earn your own victory crown, it will be unlocked for use in future matches and provides an opportunity for bonus XP gain when starting a game with this decorative item equipped! Picking up another player’s lost crown towards the endgame also counts as winning them back so there are many chances available if one wants their very own emote associated with achieving success on such tough battlegrounds where humanity fights against extinction – literally wearing down any opponent before they can do too much damage or take away more lives than they’ve already taken themselves…

When you use the Crowning Achievement emote, it’ll display your number of matches won while wearing a crown. If there are no Victory Crowns available or if they’ve run out for whatever reason in any match then here’s what can be done to start another one right away so that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!

Game mode Requirement
Solo Survive until top four
Duos Survive until two teams remain
Trios Win the match
Squads Win the match

Wearing a crown makes you an easy target for other players, but it’s worth noting that this feature is new and most Fortnite fans will be looking forward to unlocking the emote. The increased drive should not only help them claim one of these limited items in-game; all competitors stand at risk when wearing any decoration!

How can you earn bonus XP while wearing the Victory Crown?

You can earn bonus experience by completing these tasks while wearing the Victory Crown. You may want to consider adding more details about what it is that players need for this achievement, as well as its rewards in order motivate them from doing so!

  • Capture a Victory Crown
  • Eliminate a Crown Wearer
  • Eliminate a Crown Wearer while wearing a Victory Crown
  • Eliminate opponents while wearing a Victory Crown
  • Survived a Storm Circle as a Crown Wearer