Fortnite Chapter 3: Where To Place Surveillance Camera Fortnite Chapter 3 in a Single Match At Mighty Monument

Place Surveillance Camera Fortnite Chapter 3
(Image credit: Epic Games)

The new Fortnite Season is here and it’s time to complete your objectives. For some bonus XP towards unlocking skins, you’ll need to do a few things like place surveillance cameras in matches or collect DNA samples from animals around the map!

The quests have changed up quite significantly this season so make sure that before embarking on any mission be aware of what needs completing first – such as placing these gadgets throughout different parts..

To start stage 2 of this quest, players must first receive the objective at Mighty Monument. The tiny island has a colossal statue ofa person in its center and is very hard to miss as it stands out against all other structures on the new Fortnite map; once reached by those who are seeking adventure within their video game world-to complete an unlocking task for them next time they play!
The surveillance cameras will provide even more information about what lies ahead so proceed carefully if you’re brave enough…

Surveillance Cameras Locations at Mighty Monument in Fortnite Chapter 3

Players can find the first camera located on the north side of Mighty Monument, hidden near some bushes. Simply interacting with it once will count for quest completion and acquire an item!

place surveillance camera fortnite

And finally, the second camera at Mighty Monument is located just a little bit to the east of where the first one was found. If players are directly behind this statue they should be able spot it easily without losing track or getting lost in this small island-sized territory.

As more and more people continue to play Fortnite, there are some mechanics that need expanding. One such mechanic is the sliding ability players can try out on PC if they’re going downhill with their running motion by pressing right stick in while moving as well as when coming up or stopping at an incline. If done correctly, this will cause them to gain momentum which could be helpful against enemies because it takes away time during combat animations – but make sure not use your teleporter until you have run into something!