Most Unknown Fortnite Skins

Every skin in Fortnite belongs to a special category. These categories are based on the rarity of these Fortnite skins. This rarity hence contributes towards the price appraisal of your skin. There are certain skins that appear in the Fortnite item store for a limited amount of time.

These skins are considered rare as not many people have them. Such skins also require a higher Tier to unlock. To fulfill this purpose, the players are supposed to play more and more matches. This will aid in increasing your kill count which in turn affects your capacity to gain these cosmetic items.

Hereby, we shall be going over a special category of unknown Fortnite skins which are labeled as the Unknown Skins. These skins are represented by a purple color background in the Fortnite item store. Their value ranges from 1200 V-bucks to 2000 V-bucks. Some of these skins are not available in the item store and you will have to buy a certain battle pass to unlock these skins.

The Unknown Fortnite skins are super rare and you will not find them in the item store too often. Following is the list of some famous Unknown skins from Fortnite Battle Royale. This list will help you select the best-looking Unknown skin for your avatar.

12 Best Fortnite Unknown Skins

We have compile the list of top 12 Fortnite unknown skins you can check below:


Calamity skin belongs to the Unknown outfit category of Fortnite Battle Royale. This is amongst the very few Fortnite outfits that feature un-lockable styles. This outfit features a western bandit girl with bright pink hair, dressed in a white V-neck tank top and mini shorts. The avatar is also wearing a western-style cowboy hat and long cowboy boots.

This outfit can also be upgraded which will unlock different style options. It will provide you a black bandana mask, a black cowboy hat, and a black vest. Every unlocked style will add new features to your Calamity outfits like a leather jacket or other cool patterns.

This Calamity outfit belongs to the Western Wild set. This set features a total of 9 cosmetic items. This outfit is not available in the Fortnite item store. In order to attain this Unknown outfit, you will need to buy the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass and then reach Tier 1. This will unlock the calamity Outfit.


Hybrid is a very cool-looking male avatar skin inspired by a ninja character. This skin has a legendary rarity on the Fortnite Battle Royale.

The hybrid skin features a male avatar dressed in an all-red ninja outfit. This outfit resembles the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. The avatar is wearing a red mask and only the shiny yellow eyes are visible beneath the dark shadow. It also has black decals and stripes all over the outfit.

This legendary ninja-inspired skin belongs to the Brood set. This set also includes other items that you can collect to become an exciting ninja. These items include:

  • Dragon Claw Harvesting tool
  • Dragon Stance Emote
  • Hybrid Loading screen
  • Dragon Scale Wrap

This skin is not available in the Fortnite item store. In order to get this skin you will have to buy the Season 8 battle pass and from their reach the Tier 1 to unlock the Hybrid skin. You can also add further features to your skin by completing weekly challenges.


Raven is one of the most popular legendary outfits in Fortnite. It features a mysterious-looking male avatar dressed in a jet black leather cloak.

The face of the avatar is not visible and it is wearing a dark blue hoodie. Beneath the hoodie, you can only see the glowing purple eyes under the dark shadow. The detailing of this outfit resembles the bird raven. It has a ragged and spooky appearance.

This Raven Legendary outfit belongs to the Nevermore set. This set also includes a rare glider called Feather Flyer and legendary back bling called Iron Cage. You will receive this Iron Cage back bling along with your Raven outfit.

Raven is one of the rarest legendary outfits. It does not appear in the item store too often. Whenever you spot this outfit in the item store you can purchase it. Its value is 2000 V-bucks.


Kuno Fortnite’s skin features a mysterious female character wearing a black mask with only beautiful eyes visible. The character has grey hair tied in a high pony. This outfit is the female version of the famous Fortnite outfit called Kenji skin. It is inspired by the modern kung fu look.

The Kuno outfit belongs to the Falcon Clan set which has a total of six cosmetic items. Kuno’s outfit also features a cool back bling item called Dual Karma. You can purchase this outfit from the Fortnite item store. It costs 1500 v-bucks.


Mezmer is a Halloween-inspired Fortnite outfit that features a dreadful zombie dressed in modern-looking street attire. The zombie is wearing a neon green jacket with green gloves.

On the head, you have a black hoodie and under that the horrific green zombie face with white eyes and sharp teeth. On the bottom, you have baggy black pants and black shoes with neon laces.

This is a very cool outfit and belongs to the Sun Soldier set. This set features a total of six cosmetic items. You will also get rare back bling called Hypnotic with your Mezmer skin. You can purchase the Mezmer outfit from the Fortnite store. It costs 1200 V-bucks.


Sunbird is a very famous female outfit for Fortnite battle royale. It features a cool female character dressed in a bright orange mini sweatshirt and skin-tight black pants with orange stripes. The female avatar is wearing an orange mask that resembles a bird. This outfit was first released in the Fortnite store in March 2019.

Sunbird skin belongs to the Sun Soldiers set. It also features exciting back bling called Sun Wings. This Back Bling is a rare cosmetic item inspired by the bird’s wing design. The sunbird outfit costs 1200 v-bucks and it can be purchased from the item store when available.


Inferno outfit features a horrific male avatar dressed in a red suit with a red tie and black gloves. The mask of this avatar is inspired by the iron man mask.

It has fiery yellow eyes with flames burning from the temple. It gives the look of a famous ghost rider movie character. This is a very cool outfit that gives your avatar an evil look.

The inferno skin belongs to the Evil Suit set. In order to get this outfit, you will need to buy the Battle Royale Inferno Pack. This pack will cost 20 dollars. Once you have purchased the Inferno pack you can unlock the Inferno outfit by completing daily challenges.


Ark is a famous legendary outfit that features a beautiful female avatar dressed in an angel-themed dress. Your avatar has white hair and is wearing a beautiful white dress that is decorated with a golden lining.

The avatar also has a pair of golden boots and a golden gauntlet. This beautiful angel look is complemented with angel wings back bling called the Ark Wings.

The Ark outfit belongs to the Divine inspired set called Eternal Struggle. You will also receive the Ark Wings bonus back bling with this outfit. In order to purchase this beautiful angel-themed outfit, you will need to access the Fortnite item store. This Ark skin costs 2000 v-bucks.


Crackshot is a rare legendary outfit that features a strange male avatar dressed in a red outfit. The avatar has a crazy-looking toy soldier head with creepy detailing.

The avatar is wearing a huge crown which makes it look much taller than other outfits in Fortnite. The face of this avatar shows creepy and angry expressions.

This strange yet cool skin belongs to the Nutcracker Set. This set features a total of 5 cosmetic items. This outfit is no longer available for sale in the Fortnite item store.

It only appeared for a limited time period during the holiday season. However, it is possible that the Crack shot outfit will return soon. It was previously priced at 2000 v-bucks.

Wild Card

The wild card is another rare Fortnite outfit belonging to the legendary category. It features a mysterious masked avatar dressed in an all-white tuxedo suit and wearing a black tie.

The avatar has an interesting white mask that has a red diamond logo on the eye which represents the Ace of diamonds. You can customize this outfit with four different card suit masks representing all four aces of Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, and Clubs.

This Wild Card legendary outfit belongs to the Getaway set which features 6 cosmetic items. You will also get a bonus back bling with this legendary outfit. This back bling is called Cuff Case.

This outfit is no longer available in the item store. It was released during an event called Get Away event in 2018. However, it will reappear soon and you can purchase it for 2000 v-bucks.

Beef Boss

Beef Boss is an interesting epic outfit for Fortnite Battle Royal. It features an odd yet funny-looking character with a huge wacky burger face and a long tongue sticking out of the mouth. It also has big googly eyes and is wearing full sleeves orange and blue shirt. This shirt has fast food decals all over it.

This is a very funny costume and has a bright color scheme that makes your avatar stand out among a hundred other players in the Fortnite battle royale.

This epic attire belongs to the Durrr Burger Set. You will also receive a cool-looking bonus back bling called Deep Fried with this outfit. This extravagant outfit is available in the Fortnite item store and you can purchase it for 1500 v-bucks.


Ragnarok is a famous legendary skin from the Fortnite battle royale. It features a fierce-looking male avatar that resembles the famous video game character Kratos from the game God of War.

The avatar has a bald head with fiery blue eyes and a blue beard. It is wearing nothing on the upper body except for a leather bandolier. On the bottom, you have black pants.

This war-inspired skin also has other styles that you can unlock by completing missions. It features a fully armored Norse Viking warrior outfit once fully unlocked.

This warrior has a scary skull mask and wears bone shoulder armor. On unlocking the complete outfit you will also receive a fur cape and an awesome blue-colored beard.

This cool Ragnarok outfit is a part of the Harbinger set which features 5 cosmetic items. In order to get your hands on this amazing Ragnarok skin, you will need to purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass.

Then complete the entire battle pass and reach the Tier 100 level to unlock the Ragnarok skin. Once the skin is unlocked you can complete other missions to unlock the different styles of this skin.