Most Rarest Fortnite Skins (2022) Top 20 Skins

What is the rarest skin in Fortnite?

Fortnite skins come and go and they’re never a constant. That’s usually because these rarest Fortnite skins are either part of a promotional event associated with a film etc. either these skins don’t deliver that well economically or they’re part of a certain battle pass only. Consequently, the creators chose to inhibit these Fortnite skins from the gameplay.

So, some of these rarest skins in Fortnite are extremely rare. Some of these rare skins in Fortnite are also released all over again on popular demand or either completely abandoned. To pay a bit of a homage to these skins we’ll have a look at the Top 20 rarest Fortnite skins that most people aren’t usually familiar with. Let’s have a look:

Most Rarest 20 Fortnite Skins 2021

Sparkle Specialist

Probably one of the most infamous Fortnite on this list, Sparkle Specialist is famous for its aesthetically pleasing appearance. Like other rarest skins mentioned on this list, this was also available near the start of the seasons and could be unlocked after reaching tier 56 in season 2 Battle Pass. A rewrap of this classic skin was re-released in season 10 in the form of Sparkle supreme but the original still remains extremely rare to find.


Available around seasons 3, this specific Havoc Fortnite skin has been long forgotten. It’s important to remember that around that time Fortnite was fairly popular than most of its later seasons yet players weren’t really fond of this skin. Even the players who actually managed to achieve this skin didn’t really choose to make much use out of these. Consequently, this skin is probably never coming back.

The Black Knight

This is a male-only battle royale outfit that gained quite an acclaimed stance in Fortnite’s male audience requires the player to reach level 70 in season 2. In the season 2 battle pass, the black knight was the tier 70 and the final skin that was released. Considering these possibilities, during that time scale it was pretty hard to achieve that tier. Consequently, it gave rise to this Fortnite skin’s rare nature. Enamored in a black armored outfit, this Fortnite skin also includes 11 extraordinary cosmetic items.


Now let’s talk about some extremely expensive Fortnite skins like dash. This is a limited edition holiday Krampus skin and like other holiday skins, it’s not usually available in the online shop window. This half-human half-goat humanoid wears a winter-themed robe. Based on ancient European folklore, this appeared in the shop back in the late 2018s but wasn’t really attention-grabbing for Fortnite players. Furthermore, it costs around 2000 V Bucks which is expensive enough to scare off players and make it one of the rarest Fortnite skins of all time.

Purple skull trooper

The purple skull trooper skin is the most popular and in-demand skin that most players sought after. It’s extremely rare and considering its popular demand, Epic games revived this skin back in 2018 on the occasion of Halloween. Those Fortnite players that had purchased the original variant were given free access to the new one.

Codename E.L.F.

As the name indicates this is a holiday edition skin released specifically for the occasion of Christmas which actually gives us a reason why it’s so rare.

Furthermore the last time it was spotted in the store panel was back in January 2018. Unlike other holiday edition Fortnite skins, Codename E.L.F. hasn’t been brought back by Epic games so there are chances that this rare Fortnite skin will soon make an appearance.

Renegade Raider

You could only get a chance to purchase this rare skin back in the days in season 1, if you were able to reach level 20. It’s been absent from the store window for a while now but during the 8.10 patch, Renegade Raider actually appeared with a new style.

Since then, players haven’t spotted this rare Fortnite skin in the store. Back in the days, this rare Fortnite skin cost around 1200 V Bucks.

Pink Ghoul Trooper

Featuring a lot of similarities to the Purple skull trooper, the pink ghoul trooper is also a part of this list of the rarest Fortnite skins of all time. This skin hasn’t been spotted since December 2018.

Although some old players who had access to this Fortnite skin back in the days, still have access to it. According to a teaser released by Epic games, a zombie edition of this popular Halloween skin might be released for the store very soon and it looks way different than the original pink version.

The Royale Bomber

Unlike other rarest Fortnite skins on this list, this is an exclusive and limited skin, and taking this step didn’t really result in good things for Epic games. This skin was included in earlier PS4 bundles and was exclusively for that very purpose.

Availing this skin actually required shelling out a lot of coins on a new bundle. Furthermore, this offer was only applicable for Europe, these are the reasons why The Royale Bomber is considered as one of the rarest Fortnite skins.

Love Ranger

This skin appears to be very cupid like which gives it an interesting touch. Released around Valentine’s day 2017, this Love Ranger skin doesn’t seem to be that interesting to most players which is why Epic Games pulled off this public holiday edition skin from the stores soon enough.

You might’ve been able to get your hands on this limited-time offer if you weren’t spending time outside with a loved one.

Aerial Assault Trooper

Considered as one of the rarest Fortnite skins in a battle royale, Aerial assault trooper was first released in October 2017 and it could be availed during season 1 after passing level 15.

It cost the players only around 1200 V Bucks but like other rare Fortnite skins Epic Games hasn’t been really keen on releasing this specific skin for a very long time.

Recon Expert

This I probably the rarest and least interesting Fortnite skin of all time. It was released in October 2017 and was last available probably around 919 days ago. At that time this rarest Fortnite skin could be purchased from the item shop panel for 1,200 V-Bucks.

Recon expert is a sort of stock skin. That was usually used by players only when they weren’t equipped with any skins at all. Moreover, this skin hasn’t been back in the shop in over 2 years.

The Reaper

This rare Fortnite skin could be earned by the players after the tier 100 in battle pass season 3. It features limited options for unlocking.

Moreover, this rare skin was pretty had to avail as most players at the early stages of Fortnite weren’t qualified enough to pass through tier 100 battle pass.

As a result, this Reaper skin remained as a rare skin that only a few people were able to achieve.


Appearing to be pretty scary from it’s look, Hollowhead was released around Halloween giving the players a very short time to avail it. Only a few players could achieve this skin on time and vanish from the store pretty soon.

The Merry Marauder

Merry Marauder is another holiday edition Fortnite skin specifically designed for the holiday buzz season. This skin was released around Christmas 2017 and only a few people had the time to think through and purchase this skin during such a short limit making it another rare skin.

Blue Team Leader

When skin is only limited to a specific mode of gaming its targeted audience becomes fewer from the start. Similarly, Blue Team Leader was only exclusive for some console players and PS plus. Consequently, landing it a place on our list.


This is another exclusive skin specifically for Xbox One users. This high barrier entry Eon skin became extremely rare mainly because most players weren’t willing to buy a whole different console for a single skin that wasn’t even interesting enough.


This was more a female audience targeted skin which shortens its range from the very start This Fortnite skin was also pretty expensive that resulted in players being repulsive towards it. Furthermore, it’s a holiday edition skin. Alas, it seems like all the odds were against Heidi from the very start.


If you’re a veteran player you’d know that that Fusion was the last reward of the chapter 2 Battle Pass. Moreover, as we all know that this Battle Pass hasn’t been active for very long, you’d have to have been playing extremely constantly to already get this skin. It’s extremely rare at the moment and it seems fair to say that it’ll become even rarer as time goes by.


Released around the celebration of Chinese new hear it coincides with the year of the monkey. It’s public knowledge that the year of the monkey isn’t coming back soon enough so there ate chances that this Wukong skin will be rare and won’t be released for a very long time.


We hope this list might’ve offered you a feeling of nostalgia if you’re a veteran player or it might’ve been helpful if you’re a new Fortnite player. It’s important to remember that this list will continue to get altered and it’ll face more additions as new skins get launched during every latest season.