Halo Infinite Tower Collectibles Armor Locker, Spartan Cores

halo infinite tower collectibles

The Halo Infinite Tower Collectibles presents a multitude of challenges for those looking to collect all its secrets. There are nine skulls hidden throughout the area, one in particular can be found on top and requires some tricky platforming skills or flying above it with an LMG-wielding Spartan character class assigned at level 45 by default but there is also another skull inside so this isn’t impossible! Other items include audio logs which detail Cortana’s story about how she became sentient after being uploaded into artificial intelligence system aboard UNSC Infinity before finally taking control when humanity began developing Automated Complexion Enhancement technologies leading up until Install 7 Part 1 where we learn more information from Dr Halsey who tells us what happened.

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Halo Infinite Tower Skull Location

The Tower Skull collectibles location in Halo Infinite is at the very top of a tower. Once you get to this roof, there will be another raised area with an array and that’s where your target can usually been found; on some sorta chest-like object among its elements from what little research I did online before embarking up here myself for whatever reason… The hard part was making it all the way up without falling off or getting shot down by enemies but luckily climbing abilities come naturally so not too much bother! If free jumping isn’t something easily achievable – like when trying out different methods.

The Tower Spartan Cores Halo Infinite

The first Spartan Core is located under the tower itself, near where you start. Head north and look for it inside one of two open shipping containers that are facing away from cliffside; its green symbol should be visible above this crate (your back to wall). As if they were placed there specifically just so we could find them! The second collectible lies withinhalway up on each floor inside: once again keeping an eye towards center while going upwards – but watch out as platform moves slightly between floors.

Halo Infinite Tower Audio Logs

The first Audio Log collectible in The Tower is on ground level, under one of the corners near where you start. Check out this image below to see where it’s at! That is a Banished audio log if I’m not mistaken–so keep an eye out for that when looking around outside your new home base (ha) or inside Halo Infinite itself later down the line since those pesky enemies are always hiding some secrets up their sleeve these days…

Armor Locker The Tower Halo Infinite

The Halo Infinite armor locker Tower is located on the ground level, under a long crate with green emblems above it. If you go southwest from here and follow that direction as if heading into town – but don’t get too close yet! Your goal should be to see what kind of stairs can possibly arise out ahead; once we reach them (they’ll look like they’re going up), head down past these steps until our eyes catch sight again: There’s an opening just off to one side where something seems secretively hidden away inside…