All Halo Infinite Foundation Collectibles Locations

Halo Infinite Foundation Collectibles

Want to get all the halo infinite collectibles in campaign? Here is a list of everything you can find. I tried playing through the Foundation mission for myself, but found that there are certain things missing from this level which make me think it will take longer than usual before I complete my first run-through and unlock anything new like weapons or armor upgrades (even though some have been confirmed by 343). However, if interested at what kindof goodies we could expect when replaying missions after beating them for yourselves.

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Halo fans are in for a treat with the recently revealed list of collectibles. There’s plenty to find and enjoy, but only if you know where they’re hiding! The second mission has many replayable missions that will give collectors everything they could want–without ever missing out on any special items or challenges thanks once again from 343 Industries/Bungie Studios…

Halo Infinite Foundation Collectible Locations

These are halo infinite collectibles in the mission:

Cowbell Skull

The Cowbell Skull is a mystical object that has the power to make people happier. find it after seeing images of ghostly children running around you, continue on until coming into large room with grappleable ceiling where one can be found – near some rafters above; grab this valuable treasure for yourself!

Banished Audio Log – Cylix

The log can be found during the objective ‘Reach The Surface’. It’s next to one of the main doors you’ll need in order for progression, after obtaining The Weapon.”

USNC Audio Log – Recovered Files: The Question

This log is unmissable you will get automatically in the mission.

USNC Audio Log – Not My Fault

The following log can be found towards the end of mission. You’ll see it on your floor, next to an elevator power cell that was recently used by our protagonist John-117 as he made his way through Halo Infinite’s campaign mode and picked up some much needed health points along with weapon upgrades for himself in order fight off those nasty Promethean Knights who were trying so hard not only keep us from reaching Earth but also stop any hope we might have had at saving whatever remained there after years worth fighting against them all led up until now Finally Made It Home Safe And Sound.