Genshin Impact Wishes & Codes, Primogems & hard work

Genshin Impact Wishes

Genshin Impact Wishes are the Gacha part of PPP2L. Think loot boxes – by making wishes, you get random rewards like new weapons and playable characters for your heroes! Obviously some items can be rarer than others so it’s always best if we all hope that our dreams come true in-game with these wish shards.

The Genshin Impact Wishes tab in the main menu will show you what items are available and let you access four different types of wishes: Beginner’s Wish, Standard Wish, Character Event or Weapon event wish. The first two can be bought with Acquaint Fate while other two require Intertwined fate to use them- but all this may require some luck on your part! So lets take a look at how we get more Genshin impact wish…

1. You can get more wishes by buying them

In Genshin Impact, you don’t buy Wishes directly. Instead, go to the Shop in main menu and then use Crystals Top-Up Purchase Genesis Crystal that can be used for purchasing Fates/Wishes with 160 Primogems being enough one Wish
The player should purchase a Paimon’s Bargains tab from there if they wish to do so at all costs as well as having accesses quests where it will unlock certain content early without paying money upfront.

Reaching Adventure Rank 20 is not the only way to get Primogems, but it’s an easy and fast method. When grinding for coins in Safari Zone or training your pets with them at home, you will soon find yourself on top of a mountain holding an enormous amount of cash!

When reaching rank 20 – which requires completing all sorts-of missions related backstories as well as taking part during gym battles–you’re given access into purchasing something called Premium Battle Passes that come bundled with extra goodies such as large quantities (20) prisms from “Primo Gems.”

2. Events and free codes will give you wishes

In order to get free rewards, you can search the Genshin Impact forums for redeemable codes and then visit a tab on their website called ‘Redeem Code.’

The developers of Genshin Impact have provided a way for users to quickly and easily earn Wishes. All you need is your mailbox, which can be accessed by opening the game client! When an event bonus rewards or items are given out as part of these free promotions they will appear in your inboxes automatically with no work necessary on behalf yours truly; all this player needs do now if collect them within time limits. Some may think that collecting such prize might seem like tedious legwork at first glance but upon closer inspection one sees there’s plenty here worth looking through – especially since most provide high numbers (>50)of Primogems per item collected – making each reward very lucrative even without any luck involved whatsoever.

3. Increase your Adventure Rank to get extra wishes

To get free Wishes by playing the game (without converting Primogems), you need to reach certain Adventure Rank milestones. Reaching level 5 and 13 will grant you a Wish, as well asPrimogems if meet certain requirements! Collect your rewards from Katheryne – The Guild’s receptionist in Mondstadt.

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4. Collect Primogems

Primogems are a type of currency in Lucemon that can be collected through various means. You might find them at events or while leveling up, but there’s always more than just these options for how you get your hands on some cool coins! Some activities reward players with Primo-grants; this may not seem like much when compared to other rewards given out by mailboxes – after all they only provide so many wish tokens per day–but believe me: one hundred grams isn’t easy come by anywhere else without spending hours farming XP points alone (or worse yet…gathering!).

  • Common: 2 Primogems
  • Exquisite: 2 to 5 Primogems
  • Precious: 10 Primogems
  • Luxurious: 10 Primogems

Don’t have enough coins to make a wish? You can still get lucky with this guide. Follow it and by following these steps, you’ll be able to save up for at least ten wishes before making your big purchase! Make 40 small purchases when using them in succession or all together- either way there’s no limit on how many four star rewards await us if we just keep our fingers crossed that is everything goes well…