Genshin Impact Snowman: 4th Snowman Location

Genshin Impact Snowman

There are only a few days left to complete the remaining challenges in Genshin’s ongoing event, Shadows Amidst Snowstorms. Act 3: A Secret Born From Ashes is one of these final missions and will require players build up their skills with using fire magic by building an impenetrable wall made out snowmen for five different locations around Entire map! For those who have finished this mini-event before or want more info about how it works check out our previous article here.

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Genshin Impact 4th Snowman location

The Genshin 4th snowman can only be found by completing Story Quest Act 3: A Secret Born from Ashes. To start this quest, head to Albedo’s campsite in Dragonspine and open the menu with Navigate on your screen’s bottom right corner.

In case you somehow managed not too remember where it was or how exactly find that little dot of an icon after all these years- don’t worry about remembering since Genny Impact will help point out each step as needed!

After having completed the Story quest, players can return to a spot where they previously crafted three snowmen. There they will find the torso of Genshin Fourth that you must complete and choose “Build A Puffy Snowman” option to craft his last form for event completion.

Returning there after completing any story mission or doing sidequests should give enough information on how much time has passed since our protagonist started this exciting journey!

How to build a Puffy Snowman in Genshin Impact

4th Snowman location Genshin is not as simple to find, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll need four components before you can make a snow man – one of which being paper milk cartons that have been cut into shapes like bowls or cones for hats and eyebrows respectively!

  1. Snowman Head
  2. Snowman Hands
  3. Snowman Hat
  4. Snowman Scarf
  5. Snowman Eyes
  6. Snowman Nose

Genshin Impact Snowman

Collecting these components will help you to build a snowman, who is sure to be everyone’s favorite decoration. You can obtain 4 heads for him by completing the first and second challenges in Tracker training; other than that we have no information on which ones might come next or when they’ll arrive! So make sure melt every ice pile while looking out not just here but also all over Draspeen Mountains so as not miss any pieces before finally being able create this adorable character however lengthy process may take.

Once you have obtained all components, teleported back to the Snowmen location near Dragonspine. Interact with an incomplete snowman from “Build a Puffy Snowman” prompt and choose accordingly for each section as well as saving your progress before it’s complete!