Genshin Impact Dragonspine Stone Tablet Locations Complete Guide

genshin impact dragonspine tablets

The Dragonspine Stone Tablet puzzle in Genshin Impact is one of the most challenging things you can do. You need to find eight hidden stone tablets, which are scattered all over this mountainous region and unlock a secret room for it’s reward: A free four-star sword!

The Stone Tablets are well-hidden, and you’ll often need to solve a puzzle or defeat some enemies before you can continue. Especially in the “Golden Room” with its three Golden Boxes challenge is particularly challenging for those who have not yet advanced far enough along their journey through this treacherous land!

Stone Tablet location 1: Snow-Covered Path & the Princess’ Box

Teleport to Waypoint on the Snow-Covered Path, and look in direction of Frostbearing Tree. Go left from edge towards large rocks with snowcaps – it will be easiest for you if one person goes low while another high so they can try jumping across gaps orlevitating people up there (though not without help). Once at top go right down into small valley between two hills; four stone ruins stand before them containing four torches placed atop square pillars that were once homes burnt alike yet still standing strong against time like soldiers awaiting next command .

When ready descend onto tablet positioned between twin flames which reads: “For all living things this passage holds inspiration though few may understand its message fully until their dying day.”

You must also pick up the first of three Golden Boxes in this location: The Princess’s box. It’s on an island at its center, and you can see it from where we stand now; touch your sword against theirs if you want to start challenging them! Defeating those abyss mages will require about 60 seconds then Lord knows what’ll happen next…

Stone Tablet location 2: Wyrmrest Valley & the Priest’s Box

Teleport to the Waypoint near Albedo’s camp, then follow the road that leads west until you see a large Ruin Grader on your right. He is guarding an important Stone Tablet and will be defeated in battle if provoked enough! After finding this item- which can also drop gold boxes upon defeat – walk down its path just slightly more than halfway before coming up stairs at ground level where three Anemograna await; these little sparkling creatures need picking up so they generate winds currents for us when flown over while atop old tower nearby (optional). Fly upwards towards Luxurious Chest above it all.”

Stone Tablet location 3: Beneath Wyrmrest Valley

You’ll have to travel far and wide if you want this tablet, but it’s well worth the journey. To get started head over towards Teleport Waypoint from Wyrmrest proxy portal on your map in northwestern part of Dragonspine.

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Stone Tablet location 4: Frozen square & the Scribe’s Box

Teleport to the Waypoint northwest of Starglow Cavern region. Before running or gliding south, you can pick up the third and final Golden Box from where it was dropped by an unfortunate adventurer who died here many years ago – if that’s not inspiration for your next game just yet then I don’t know what is! Once there head off into those now treacherous caverns filled with frozen water as well as other dangers such as ‘giant rats’ (I’m sure they’re more than just giant). In order find my Stone Tablet though we must first go through these same hellish depths but on our way back out…

The frozen lake will disappear. You need to repeat the same puzzle in an empty square, but with more mechanisms and Seelies. Timing is important again; activate your next Seeli when it’s two ma chines away from being activated by another player or yourself! Once this has been done you are ready for battle – make sure that before entering any combat situation be aware of which turn order matters most at all times because what seems like a minor detail can have huge consequences later on down gameplay line if left unchecked

Stone Tablet location 5: Peak of Vindagnyr Domain

It is said that if you have already unlocked the Peak of Vindagnyr Domain, then all that remains for your journey back to this point in time are three steps. First off: turn around and look at where we just came from before heading onward; secondly – find yourself standing close enough so as not too lose sight or hearing when speaking with someone else via telephone (or video chat). Lastly- step onto land without hesitation!

Stone Tablet location 6: Starglow Cavern

The path to the Teledun Waypoint is a difficult one, but if you’re up for it there are ruins in which will provide insight into what happened here before. Follow it through until just outside of them and walk towards each ruin; specifically observe both Stone Tablet at once from afar while making your way back down again should any enemies appear along this route!

Stone Tablet location 7: Secret Room

The teleportation stone is located in a secret room, and requires three golden boxes to open. The entrance can be found outside of the cave next to where you start climbing rocks when coming from inside instead of going directly into it like before starting this part! Climb up until reaching an opening with another large door on your right hand side; take time examine both doors carefully because one leads somewhere special while other leads straight back down again without any treasure behind them – only darkness… But don’t worry: there’s also some crimson agate among other things waiting just beyond that final obstacle so get ready for what awaits.

Stone Tablet location 8: Snow-Tombed Starsilver Claymore

You’ve earned your just reward! Now it’s time to get that four-star weapon. Head over the Statue of Seven and head inwards, towards those ruins with an interesting pattern on them – they’re called rune stones or tablets for some reason… Anyway once you glide down from capturing these sortsa things up above ground level (I’m not sure what altitude makes someone a “soaring eagle”) there should be one more sealed mechanism left behind by this long forgotten race before we enter into their home base where all 8 snow covered starsilver claymores have been hidden away somewhere inside– so go find ’em because if anyone deserves.