Genshin Impact Crystal Core Locations

crystal core genshin impact

The latest craze in Genshin Impact Crystal Core. You can forge weapons and utilize cores to craft condensed resin which helps you earn extra rewards from tasks that use Resin like domains or leylines, but where do they come from? Do trees grow them on for our benefit!

These are the three locations of Genshin Impact Crystal Core

The crystals found in Mondstadt, Dragonspine and Liyue are necessary for crafting condensed resin. You can farm them by harvesting either Anemo Crystalflies or Geo-Crystals from the respective regions which will change depending on your current search location– all it takes is running towards one of these valuable items when they’re nearby (but make sure not too run into any wild animals) then right clicking to harvest a core straight away without worrying about hurting them!

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Genshin Impact Crystal Core location 1: Dawn Winery

The best place in Mondstadt to obtain new Crystal Cores is the Dawn Winery. Directly ahead of a massive mansion, you can find rows and columns containing Anemo Crystalflies fluttering around. You should be able to nab handfuls as they dance through their crops while fleeing before me!

Genshin Impact Crystal Core location 2: Mt. Tianheng

Right above Liyue Harbor, you can find a small opening in Mt. Tianheng. There will be some Hillichurls by the opening and they’re easy to defeat with your trusty sword or bow! Once defeated go inside of this mountain paradise where around five Geo Crystalflies are fluttering about waiting for their next victim…

Genshin Impact Crystal Core location 3: Guyun Stone Forest

Teleport to the domain located Guyun Stone Forest. You’ll find numerous Geo Crystalflies fluttering about in front of this portal’s entrance, but unlike other locations they are not stopped by some kind forcefield or trap; instead these birds can fly away and escape if you don’t catch them all– which brings us back around again because who really cares?! It took only 20 seconds from teleporting here so it isn’t like time is wasting too much on your part…