Genshin Impact Crossplay: How to play with Your friends on PS5, PC, mobile and PS4

Genshin Impact Crossplay

Genshin Impact is a new crossplay feature that lets you play with friends, regardless of platform. You can also enjoy co-op mode and adventure together by sharing your UID code! Simply add PC players as buddies or visit Teyvat’s official website to get started today.

How to use Genshin Impact Crossplay

In order to get the most out of Genshin Impact, it’s important that you have reached Adventure Rank 16. This unlocks online multiplayer co-op and makes sure your friends are on a regional server too! To add an extra level for fun: share with each other their UID code in addition so they can receive gifts from others players while playing together as well!

Open the Friends menu, navigate to Add Friend and type in your friend’s UID code. With them now on your friends list you can invite them into a team of adventurers or take up arms with people already in-game! PlayStation players will have their Genshin Impact friends lists populated by existing PSN contacts but it’s easy for PC/mobile gamers too—just use their unique id numbers like an address when adding someone else as buddy online so that they get added automagically without any hassle at all (no need even remember those long digits anymore)!

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