How to Get Genshin Impact blueprints for Serenitea Pot

Genshin Impact blueprints for Serenitea Pot

There are many methods to get more Genshin Impact blueprints, including gathering them through various sources. Some of these include opening boxes and completing quests that will appear on your map every day or competing at the game’s competitive events for a chance of winning extra rewards!

Gathering all available blueprint copies is essential in furnishing your Serenitea Pot with valuable furnishings like Puzzle Rings while also improving Trust rank – so make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities by checking this guide first before they’re gone again

Where to buy Genshin Impact blueprints

Two vendors sell furniture blueprints: one in Mondstadt, and another outside of Liyue. You can purchase seven different kinds this way for 50 Mora each (50k). The old man Goth runs the building right next door to where you exit out onto Highway One if I recall correctly; he’ll only be there during daylight hours though so make sure yours matches up with that!

You can buy three more Genshin Impact blueprints from another old man found in Liyue. Master Lu, who you’ll find at the southern tip of Qingce Village (see above) sells The Adventurer’s Burdens, Lone and Cautious Adventurer as well as Dialogue Twixt Ancient Tree Rock for those eager to explore new places!

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How to get Genshin Impact blueprints

Tubby the Serenitea Pot overseer will give you a few blueprints when you increase your Trust rank, which can be done by crafting new furniture learned from those allocated in-game. Similarly to unlock even more challenging objectives and rewards for completing tasks within this journal; clearing pages nets individual challenges too – both sections offer their own chance at acquiring some fantastic furnishings!

Tubby sells blueprints in exchange for Realm Currency, which are generated on an hourly basis based upon your Adeptal Energy. Your hourly rate increases as you place more furnishings within the realm so be sure to fill it out completely! You’ll find dozens of different blueprint types available at Tubs’s shop and thousands will need to buy them all before they’re fully loaded with items; this could take up a few weeks depending on how quickly or slowly adventurers can return from their adventures into The Outlands hereinafter referred-to simply as “the field”.

Finally, a special Serenitea Pot merchant will visit your realm every weekend (Friday through Monday) carrying some of the best items and blueprints. As you increase your Trust rank, they’ll have more to sell! You can also go on an adventure with friends by checking out their inventory from home; everyone gets different things each time so there’s no way for two people playing together at once except online or offline modes like split screen couch co-op.