Fortnite Chapter 3: Where is the Launchpad and Destroy Signal Jammers Fortnite

Where Are The Signal Jammers In Fortnite
(Image credit: Epic Games)

After you have discovered the Device in Fortnite, and are able to communicate with Seven of Coins in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 by having a way for both parties involved (such as through an eight-sidedaber), it’s time that we find ourself on foot. With no map available at this point I’ll admit defeat here; however there may be other ways out if one looks hard enough!

The Launchpad is actually located in a small group of islands out to the east of Sanctuary. Here, on one large and pillar-like island you can find it! It will have multiple silos on it as well as some small buildings around for added scenery – namely those situated towards its west side near water sources like fish ponds or irrigation ditches; also there are two stone prayer platforms which were originally erected so inquisitive pilgrims could pray about their journey before setting off across High Heavens’ seas themselves.

Where Are The Signal Jammers in Fortnite

Where Are The Signal Jammers In Fortnite

When you arrive, a message will automatically start playing from the Scientist and he’ll ask if you can track down some signal jammers that are preventing him from using his Launchpad. Seven needs access in order to get started so it would really help out our friend here!

The three signal jammers are found at different locations on the island, marked with red dots above. The first is behind a building to the north of silos and can be destroyed with your harvesting tool after it’s activated; meanwhile beside these structures near southeast corner up against small hills as well as beach south Dock where quest ends once you’ve dealt enough blows to destroy each one.