Fortnite Chapter 3 Shifty Shafts Locations

Fortnite Chapter 3 Shifty Shafts Locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite players around the world are waiting for season 3 to begin, but they won’t have wait much longer. According to data-miners and various video game news when we can expect Fortnite Chapter 3 released (Tuesday), it appears as though Epic has finally announced that this upcoming week will not be plagued by downtime after all!

A few days ago Poland based YouTube channel uploaded a trailer from within their battle pass which gave away many clues hinting at what may happen in future episodes for those who purchase access before release date; however one thing was unclear: how did someone get early access? We now know thanks again.

The first part about not knowing how true the statement is, most players are happy with their lives when it comes to Fortnite. During downtime in between matches they can use Flipped and find out what’s going on in this other world called “The Flip.” You’ll be able track your progress along side others who have been flipping as well!

The new Fortnite map is shaping up to be quite different from what players are used to. The currently revealed areas on the top side of this latest biome include snow-capped mountains and vast fields interspersed by dense forests, all but one section stretching eastward into treacherous terrain near a river valley where there’s green vegetation growing alongside flowing streams at its foot sure signifying an abundance in water sources close by when you need them most during dry time.

Ahead of next week’s update which according leaks should release later today (most likely), let’s take look back at how farwe’ve come since Chapter 1 launched nearly two years ago!

Shifty Shafts Fortnite Return

Hyper seems to have uncovered some new information about the Snow Biome, and it looks like Shifty Shafts from Chapter 1 will be returning in chapter 3. The map has been updated with different details than before: here’s what you need to know!

A couple of changes were made when comparing this location’s outline on old vs new maps – such as more ice blocks that lead towards a secret trapdoor or tunnel located below ground level (which can onlybe accessed by jumping down). There is also an extra room at one point just off centerand.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Shifty Shaftss

Fortnite Wailing Woods Coming Back?

The return of Wailing Woods is confirmed! It seems like it won’t just be Shifty Shafts making its way back into chapter 3, but a location in the snow biome also looks very similar to what we remember from before.

After comparing old footage with new map outlines players have come up with these comparisons: First off there are no trees or anything that could resemble one; then secondly they noticed an interesting pattern – both show strong resemblance when shown side by side (something you can see below).

It will be interesting to see if Epic Games add any more old POI’s from the original map in Chapter 1. Every location that was there before had some changes made, but it seems like every change is for a good reason as opposed to just changing something because they didn’t want you there anymore or liked how things were back then better than now with all these new updates and additions!