New Fortnite Chapter 3 Map Comes out

fortnite chapter 3 map
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite has a new map and it’s already starting to get exciting. The game’s latest update introduced some major changes, including an all-new tropical setting that will be available for those brave enough to explore its depths! There are also brand-new weather patterns in place which provide plenty more opportunities not only lay low but also keep your enemies guessing by mixing up where you’ll appear next. But don’t worry if things seem too quiet; hidden treasure chests have returned as well so players can invest hours amassing riches without fear of running out.

Spider-Man arrives on the island, and he gets his own location too. The Daily Bugle office building is one of the largest Spiderman references in Chapter 3’s story mode where you fight against Mysterio to save civilians from destruction at his hands or find out why Kaine has been turning all these people into villains with a special serum that only works if they have feelings for their enemies (interesting plot twist). Other new areas include Sanctuary–a secret base belonging/controlled by Seven organization which we’ll get more info about as our adventures continue through Fortnite Season 4!

Spider-Man’s involvement in Fortnite was more than just a single character this time around; he helped inspire the game’s newest mechanic as well. Starting on Dec 11th, players will be able to swing from high places with their iconic web shooters and slide for those who don’t feel up for grappling or swinging across gaps like Peter Parker would have done it himself! The new season is also first out of many that we can expect where they introduce some sorta cool features such Sliding (which seems inspired less by Spidey but rather King Arthur).

Fortnite’s new island also got an environmental upgrade with its weather effects. The map includes rainstorms, lightning strikes and even tornadoes that can suck you in to throw you out again! Chapter 3 will come complete with a host of weapons including several assault rifles as well sniper rifles for all your combat needs on this wild journey through the stormy skies above.