Fortnite Chapter 3 Greasy Grove Location

Fortnite Chapter 3 Greasy Grove
(Image credit: Epic Games)

We’ve been patiently waiting for Fortnite chapter 3 season 1 to release, and we finally have a date. PlayStation support stated that it will start tomorrow at 10 AM ET while Xbox also supports this time frame as well!

The conclusion of Chapter 2 left us with Jonesy floating in the ocean stranded but slowly making his way towards new island which was somehow underneath where he started off from before getting trapped during storm events when looking through loading screens (which has now become known by more people than ever).

It’s not surprising that data-miners have managed to find a way around the Fortnite servers being down. With new files available for download and an increased number of people mining in their spare time, it seems like there will always be enough information about what’s happening inside these games—even when they’re closed off from prying eyes outside them!

The starter pack leak was more than likely done by someone at Epic Games themselves just so fans knew which locations were coming back this season before any official announcement came along with all other details surrounding said event later on (which is exactly how leaks work). We’ve seen one large part outta the flipped version thus far… but maybe now you’ll want those keys quicker after reading.

Players who love the nostalgic feel of old school games will be happy to know that Fortnite Chapter 3 Shifty Shafts is making a return, as well as Wailing Woods. But there’s more! In chapter 1 map locations are also coming back for Greasy Grove and Loot Lake Island so all previous maps from Theedom Games’ first game can now be played again in fresh new ways with players completing objectives differently than before without consulting an online guide or walkthrough videos on YouTube (if you’re lucky enough).

Where is greasy grove in fortnite chapter 3

It’s been a long-awaited return for one of the most popular areas on Fortnite: Greasy Grove. Discovered through leaked information and confirmed by an uncovered section from this new map, players are excited to get back in that jungle again with friends old or new!

Fortnite Chapter 3 Greasy Grove

After more than two years, the Greasy POI is finally making a return. The popular chapter 1 location was an original spot since launch of Battle Royale game mode and has been removed in recent seasons when pools of ice covered it up for most part during those times where players are not able to visit certain areas due to storms or other natural disasters like fires that happen sometimes which makes them inaccessible but now all hope seems set on getting back into action because we’re happy about what happened with this specific point-of-interest after its long absence from Chapter 2 map as well!

Loot Lake Island Is Coming Back to Fortnite

The island from Chapter 1 may be making a return, but there is no confirmation as of yet and we don’t know what it will look like. However, leaks have revealed that this new map called Loot Lake is where the old lava-filled one was in before you could explore any farther than your first few steps on an almost endless pile o’ treasure!